Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yes God Is Real!!!

These days they devil is very busy tearing families apart, breaking up marriages, corrupting the minds of men and women making them commit crimes in years past ,that we all would think was very unthinkable. If you look at the news, read the paper and even have conversations with friends , family and co-workers then you would know that world we live in is even more corrupt or  selfish. In today's world most people look out for themselves and do not care about anyone else. There used to be a time that as parents all we had to do was keep a good watch over our little girls, but now these day we have to look out for our little boys, because both are being preyed on by  men or women. The devil has been very busy in other areas too, he has people attacking the Bible and even God. There are some out there that believe that there is not a God and we all came from a monkey. There are even some that say that our missing link was some lizard that they found while,  archaeologist were doing a dig.
 Through the recession, crime, murder and deceit one would wonder is there a God? Or if there is a God where is he? Is God real? Well to all these questions I have to say yes God is real and God is everywhere. God knows about the problems of the world today and even though all these things that are happening now were predicted in advance in the Bible, he still makes his presence known. Why would I say this and how can I saw this? Well in my own  life and others God has preformed miracle's, that defy logic. One example is the plane landing in the harbor in New York, those people where blessed. Under any other circumstances those people would have died. Yes, the pilot that landed the plane deserves some of the credit, but without Gods mighty hands, that plane would not have stayed afloat. There are other examples when a Doctor gives a person with cancer or some other disease's  just a few months or a few years to live and  then they live longer than expected. That is the work of God and he is still in charge.

 But the real reason I know God is real, is because when I am feeling low or in need,  God always delivers a miracle or a blessing my way. I am always surprised when I ask him for something and he latter gives it to me. But that sometimes have me questioning myself, because in my heart I know God is real and that God does what he say he will do. I have to question myself why wouldn't I think God will not fulfill his promise? Is it because I have been disappointed or lied too by man or woman? That's how the devil works, he makes you think just because man or woman lies to you, that our Father in Heaven will not deliver on his promise or his word. But tell the devil he is a liar, because God is real and God always keeps his word. God never lies and will always preform miracles in our lives,he will always be in all of our presence. All we have to do is acknowledge him, give him praise and know in our hearts that God is  real.
Have a blessed Sunday,
Proverbs 3:6
In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.
Luke 12:8-9
I tell you whoever acknowledges me before man, the Son of Man will also acknowledge him before the angels of God.(9) But he who disowns me before man will be disowned before the angels of God.

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