Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Have you looked at the state of the world today? Have you noticed that there seem to be more , unheard of crimes, murders, divorces and that most nations seem to be at the brink of war? Have you also noticed that there is a movement that is attacking most peoples core beliefs? People who worship God and follow the word of God are being targeted by those that do not believe in him. It seems that everything that is in the news, on the internet or in the newspaper is nothing but bad news. When I think about the world that we live in , its easy to be scared. Scared for our children, family and even ourselves. I often had conversations with people who are both amazed and afraid. I remember a a recent conversation with a friend of mind. She expressed to me that she couldn't understand why people acting this way? She would say, Charles people today are crazy! Then she  would ask me questions like this ," Why are they murdering people? Stealing from people who work hard for their money and material things? Why don't they just get a job? Why are there both men and women rapping or hurting  our children?"Our nation is fighting two wars and most people have no real respect for the law! She would go on to say God is not pleased!" After she was done, I looked at her and smiled. She would ask me why are you smiling Charles? This is serious, aren't you scared or afraid? Then I look at her and said," People have been sinning and committing crimes since  since the beginning of time. If you read your Bible you will realize that God has been dealing with mans sin for a very long time. That is why both Adam and Eve were banish from the Garden of Eden. It was also why Moses freed Gods people and delivered them from slavery. Since then there was the great flood that God  enlisted Noah before the flood began  to build an ark, so that those who sin against God would be destroyed and those who didn't would be saved. Finally  after time, God sent his only son Jesus as a sacrifice for our future and past sins. Everything that is happening today or in the past was written and God gave those who believe in him a fair warning.
I know to those who may read this, may say ,"Charles  sounds just like another  Preacher and you just want to know why I am not scared or afraid ? Well the reason I am not afraid is because I know if I do my part and do what our Father in Heaven requires of me, I will be saved. I have the ultimate power protecting me! Am I scared for my children? Well yes, I am only human. But if I prepare my son or my children for the world, then there will be no reason for me to be afraid or scared for them. As scary as the world may appear to us all, God does not want us to live our life that way. He wants us to be smart or safe and use or heads. then  not do anything stupid . Sometimes I have to give my own self a reality check, when I get amazed by the things that are happening or for what I may see in the world today. When that happens, I pinch myself and say to myself wake up! This is suppose to happen! Yes, the world is getting worse and people are out of control. That is when I lean on my faith and say, "As bad as things may seem or as scary as the world may appear, God our Father in Heaven is still in charge". God has a perfect plan and when everything happens, that was written. Then the people of God will have no reason to fear or to be afraid.  So if you are reading this, stop being scary or living your life in fear. Fear only God and trust him then he will keep you out of harms way. God loves you and wants the best for you. All he requires is that you both read the bible and hear  his word. Honor Gods sacrifice by praising him and his son Jesus. Spread the word and tell then how good it is to serve him. For even in the worse of times, God our Father in Heaven, is worthy to be praised.
Have a blessed day,

Proverbs 3:25 Have no fear of sudden disaster or of the ruin that overtakes the wicked,

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