Tuesday, June 21, 2011


 When you really think about life, really its hard to phantom it without, ups or downs , good  or bad times. Just like my father used to always tell me," The mark of real man or woman is not how you handle your good times or situations, but how you handle or overcome the bad ones". For those who may be puzzled by this statement, take your time and read every word, that I am about to type right now. Then you will determine just as I have, that my father was not only a very wise man, but also very right. As much as we all want the world to be perfect or our lives to be without stress, pain or suffering, it will not happen as long as we live in the flesh. For every man , woman or child are born in sin, therefore life will never be perfect.When I think about my own life , I think about how much my life has changed over the years. From being a new born baby in my mothers arms and now a grandfather holding my own grand babies in my arms. Life sometimes has a strange twist of events and it goes by so quickly, one has to wonder why does it go so fast. As I think about the subject of love, it makes me think about my most resent past. Where I was a man so focus and determine to get what I wanted out of life; as far as taking care of my children, my career and also taking good care of my body. I was and still a type of person that will work hard to get the things that I want. I am a very determine man( my mother raised me this way). She would say "Charles nothing in life is free and if you want something you will have to work hard to get it and also equally to keep it".When I got out on my own, I took her words to heart and did what ever I had to become successful. I was focused, very determined, I knew exactly what I wanted and had a plan devised so that I would become a success. Even when it came to dating or having children, I also had a plan. Failure wasn't an option, but as you know even the best plans fail and I failed a lot, sometimes miserably especially when it came to raising children and marriage.

 Latter in life I decided that I wanted a wife and having those material things, didn't matter much because I  and my children were also getting older. I latter found my wife and four years latter divorced. After that, my life was in disarray and I lost focus. The person I was before, I got married was gone and the confident man I was now lost. If you ever been divorced, lost a home, a job, had a life changing, experience, decease or lost a love one, due to death, then you  may understand where I am coming from. Being in those types of situations can cause any man or woman to loose focus and not be the person they are used to being. Even if things are going well, you may also lose focus, because you may have become to comfortable with your life. That is how many of us gain weight or get out of shape and some may lose their touch because they stop being, who they were before their life started to change. Some of you may wonder or ask yourself this question. Why is it even when I am doing well, that I may sometimes loose myself? In most cases it because the devil may cause you to lose focus and concentrate on things that are not good or too sin. This has happen to me in my past and the only way I regain my focus was by going to church then, giving my life to Christ. After that I started to find myself again and also now I am much better than I was in my past. Instead of thinking about what I want to accomplish, I refocused my life , then did what God wanted me to do. The point I am trying to make is, God will make sure you do not hurt yourself and help keep you focused. Most of the time when we experience pain or loss its because of something we have done to ourselves. Now there are situations where people die naturally or have accident's. But when it comes to relationships, job lose or even some accidents, it  may be because of our own human error. God always warns us, then gives us all example's that way we will be able to avoid trouble. If people Refocus their lives and concentrate on Gods will, then he will make their pathways straight. God will give those who believe in him, what their heart desires and having God in their lives will help them to refocus on their own lives. Also having God in your life, will allow you to stay determine and he will clear your life, then free it from most drama or pain. God will give you help where others are unable too. Refocus your life and concentrate on God, then start living for Christ and you will never lose focus or ever have to Refocus again. REFOCUS!!!
Have a blessed night,
 Galatians 6:8 The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.

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