Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hard Headed

Many times in our lives we will be given advice, some of it bad , then some of it good its up to us as individuals to determine which is good or bad. When I was a child my father would always say that, free good advice is like just free money, if you use it or spend the money wisely then its not wasted. But if you do not take advantage of the advice or money given to you then its only a waste. That is what I like to call living or learn life the hard way. I remember as a child when I used to make both my father and mother angry, they would always say, "Son you are very hard headed , you have the ability to make things hard or easy and its up to you which direction you take your life. Then my father or mother would go on to say you either live by our the rules or suffer the consequence's. At that time I thought that  my mother or father were very mean or very restrictive people. Why you may ask? Well as you know as children, some of us thought we knew a little bit more than our parents. As children or sometimes as adults we always over look one very important fact. Our parents or elders are older than us and been where we have been or have experienced what ever we are going to go through. They have experience life, been to school, some have graduated from college, raised children of their own and already done something's that some of us may never think about. But for some strange reason we always seem to think we know better than someone older or wiser then we are.

When I look back, I often laugh to myself, because I can just hear my father in my head saying these exact things to me as I now say to my own children. My father would say wait until ,you get your own children then you will see, that I am not as mean as you may think or say I am. I am only trying to protect you and prepare you for the outside world. He would go on to say, what you have been through or what ever you might be experiencing, I been there and done that. He would say ," I been through the fire and survived, by God  good grace". If you just listen to me and heed my warnings my experiences will save you , then keep you for all of the bad experience's or heartaches that I have experienced in my lifetime. After my father got through preaching, then he would look at me and say, "Son ,you are very stubborn and hard headed, you think you know it all but in truth you don't know a thing. You are going to have too learn to live life the hard way. Just as my mother told me as a child before you were even thought of , I had to learn and now so do you. I just pray that you live to preach to your children and to others about, what you could have avoided if you just listen.

 As I think back on my life I wish I took advantage of both my mothers, fathers, grandmothers, friends and other peoples very wise advice or counsel. I know my life would be so different now and I probably would have accomplished much more than I have today, only if I had listen. All of us at one time or another would love to go back in time and change certain aspects of our life. I have said this to myself and others," Only if I could go back in time I would do this or I would do that". But as we all know there is nothing we can do to change our past, all we have is control over is today . We can change who we are today and we can start listening to that good advice now. If you are reading this journal, please take my advice, then listen when someone is talking to you and even if you may think , that you know more than someone else. Try to understand what they are talking about and stop being so hard headed. Because the advice you are getting free of charge today ,could either change, save or enlighten your life for a life time. While living your life always remember this old bible verse, "A wise man changes, but a fool remains the same".
Have a blessed weekend,
1 Corinthians 11:32 But when we are judged, we are disciplined by the Lord so that we will not be condemned along with the world

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