Monday, June 6, 2011

Forbidden Fruit

In the Garden Of Eden God, forbid man from eating from the Tree Of Life. Since then both man and woman have been indulging themselves with things that are forbidden by God. Things such as having affairs with married men or married women. Taking drugs, stealing, gambling and other things that pleases the flesh. But today's topic is the forbidden fruit called lust or desire. When you lust or desire something that belongs to another man or woman, its in fact a sin. Its a sin to have a affair with someone who is married and it can also causes family's to break up. By  getting to the root of this problem, I needed to do some research, to figure out why men or women cheat on their spouses and why do people knowingly have affairs with married people.
Most people cheat, because they feel that their spouse is missing something  or  because their spouse is not as exciting as they were in the beginning of the relationship. Most men or women stray when they feel that their mate is not paying enough attention to them or  not satisfying their needs. Others cheat just because there have grown bored with the relationship and out peer pressure they seek something new or exciting. Some men have been known, cheat on a perfectly good woman and have an affair with a woman of the streets, just because of  sexual pleasure they feel their spouse is lacking. Some women often cheat on their spouse, just because they feel their mate is not spending enough time with them. Then others cheat because of lack of attention , even though her spouse may have a perfect excuse like, working long hours.
 As a man  who has been cheated on several times, by my ex-girlfriends and  ex wife, what hurts the most is the ideal of them cheating me with someone who lacks class. Sometimes it easy getting over the fact you been cheated on and it can be forgiven. But when you look at the person they cheated on you with then it can have you kind of puzzled. I have said this many times to one of my ex-girlfriends,(who cheated on me quite regularly) if you have to cheat please pick somebody better than that to cheat on me with. It makes me wonder sometime why and why with him? Couldn't she do better than that?
  People cheat, knowing that it is wrong and also knowing that there are consequences to pay for their actions. They do all of this just for a few hours of pleasure and years of pains. When I witness  married or single people  having affairs , these are some of the questions that come to my mind . Don't  they realize the consequences of their actions? Don't they know that the husband or wife that they are having a affair with has a family ? Don't they know that most married men or women lie when they say they are going to leave their spouse ? Don't they know God is watching  over them and vengeance's is his? Just like that fruit that was in the Garden Of Eden, having an affair is forbidden and it is forbidden by our Father in Heaven. So if you happen to see a man or woman that you are attracted to and they happen to be married or belong to someone else. Remember that they are only Forbidden fruit,not to be touched and only cherish by the ones who they belong too. So if your mate is not exciting enough for you ,not  paying enough attention to you and  not loving you the way you want to be loved. Just ask our Father in Heaven to give your spouse what your heart desires , then God will bless you and your spouse for being faithful enough to not indulge in the sins or the ways of the world.
Have a blessed night,
Hebrews 13:4
Marriage should be honored by all and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.

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