Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Get Rid Of Your Demons

Are you having a lot of bad luck? Have you been struggling with your finances or health? Do you have problems sleeping or do you feel uneasy when you are at home? Do you sometimes feel cursed or feel like something or someone is holding you back? Are you still hunted by your past and no matter where you turn someone or something is always around to remind you of your past? Are you lonely or feel like you have no one else? If you are reading this chances are that you have experienced  your share of bad luck or have someone or something in your life that is keeping you from being happy or keeping you from reaching your true potential. There are only three things to do to escape these problems; (1) You have to pray to our Father in Heaven and ask him to free you from your demons, to improve your health and provide both wisdom and guidance when it comes to your finances.(2) You have to be able to forgive yourself and move away from your past. The first thing anyone must realize about themselves, is that they are not perfect. This is something I struggled with in my past because just like everyone else I strive for perfection. But I realize that it did not matter how hard I tried I will never be perfect and I will always make mistakes. So I had to learn not to be so hard on myself and I also had to realize that I still had a lot to learn. My father had a famous saying, "You are never to young or old to learn new things. He would also say," When you stop learning you also stop living". What he meant by these statements is everyone should allow themselves room to learn, grow and appreciate life. It takes time, patience and practice to become good at anything. Sometimes you may fail at what you trying to achieve and other times you may succeed. But its those times that you fail that makes you stronger and when you succeed you will appreciate your successes.

(3) You have to get rid of your demons. I know if you are reading this you may be wondering what do  I mean by this statement.Well if you have someone or something negative in your life, then you should do what ever it takes to remove them from your life or presence .Besides living life is hard enough and no one needs a negative person in their life. I have had many bad experiences when it comes to having someone who always complains, fusses and argues. But what makes it worse is when you have someone who always criticizes you and never says or offers anything positive. These type of people can be bad for your health and they can drain whatever amount of good you may have left in you . Also if you happen to have something in your home, your wallet or purse that brings backs bad memories or remind you of your past, then you should get rid of it immediately. Because having those things or those type of people in your life can and will affect your life in a negative way. So please for your sake or sanity take my advice and take control of your life. Stop taking or listening to negative advice and stop listening to gossip or rumors. Then add positive,successful , God fearing people to your life and avoid any or all negative people. My mother had a famous saying, she would say,"Bird of a feather, will flock together.What she meant by this is if one wants to be successful, happy, blesses or God fearing, then they must surround themselves with those type of people. She went on to say, look for someone who loves life, loves their family , loves people and someone who has a good heart or understanding. Until then start your life new by getting rid of things or the past or people that bring you nothing but pain or sorrow. That way you can start new, fresh and free of pain or sorrow. In other words Get Rid Of Your Demons and start living your life for God!For only through him can one truly live a meaningful or fulfilling life!
Have a blessed night in Christ,

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