Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stay Rooted In Christ

God is truly good all the time , in everyday life he gives us all examples on how to keep the faith and the knowledge to keep trusting in him. Today what  I am about to share with you, something very powerful or life changing, that came to my mind and really touched my heart. I was told as a child never too give up, no matter how hard times got and to never loose faith no matter what happens. My mother would always say to me, " Keep your head up, always stay confident, be determined, remain focused and to never give up or loose faith. Because as she would put it, trouble doesn't last always. Today God blessed me with a vision that brought light to what my mother said or was trying to explain to me. This is a true example on how to Stay Rooted In Christ and to always have faith no matter how many, trails, tribulations, storms, sickness and problems you may have or go through.

 What example is this? Well go out side and take a look at the oldest tree you can find. Have this tree in mind because what I am about to explain too you will enlighten and if you pay attention will help you understand what God really wants from all of his children. When you find this tree one thing may come to your mind; You may say wow, its old and its been here for a very long time. But what comes to my mind is what that same tree had to endure or go though  just to make it all those years. As you know some trees have been known to live hundreds and in some cases thousand of years. These same tress had to weather many fires, storms, go through many seasons and had to survive just about all conditions. No matter what the trees went through, they always stayed rooted and when it was time to produce fruit they did so with the blessings of the Lord.

 The same thing applies when it comes to being a Christian, raising children, friendships and in marriage. Why would I say this ? Well because through life we all will have to endure life's hard choices , times as well as the bad times. Most of us will get sick, some will loose their jobs, others may loose their homes and all will be tested by the devil. But if we stay rooted in Christ then we all will produce good fruit and will do so for many years to come. In marriage everyone wants that perfect man or woman, all of us would love to have perfect children and family members but unfortunately those types doesn't exist. But if you stay committed, weather the storms go through all the trials and tribulations, then Stay Rooted In Christ then your marriage, your family and your children will produce good fruit. Because just like a tree when its first planted, it my not be as beautiful or as good as you may want it. But if you are patience, take care of the tree, give it love and care ,it will grow into a beautiful tree that will produce fruit for many years to come. The same goes for a good marriage or the children that you have raised it take love, understanding, patience, care and a lot of time. But without Christ ,in your marriage, in your rearing or your life what ever you touch, will be like a dead tree that was not loved, cared for or like a tree that someone gave up on just because it had a brown leaf on it and it died. If you stay rooted in Christ your life, your marriage, your family, children and your relationship with our Father in Heaven will continue to grow. Then your life , all the people you love or care for will be blessed, beautiful and then produce fruit for a lifetime. Stay Rooted In Christ, because without God , your life will have no meaning or purpose and you will remain forever lost. Stay Rooted In Christ!!
Have a very blessed night,

1 Peter 1:7 so that the proof of your faith, being more precious than gold which is perishable, even though tested by fire, may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ;


  1. I love this, thanks for the words of wisdom, you've done a great job

  2. My cousin's wife was laid to rest today and their marriage of 41 years exemplified being rooted in Christ even through the hard times. What a blessing when others can see an example of a good marriage that can withstand trials, love gets stronger over the years and Christ glorified. What a homecoming celebration today. Praise the Lord - Lynette