Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Life, is a double edge sword, sometimes  life can be very  good and other times it can be very bad. There are also  those very rare times that life gets so unbearable that some do not want to go on living. Sometimes  people tend to take it to the extreme and take their own lives, because they feel that they can not deal with the stress, the pressure or the pain. Then there are other times in life when things seem to be going well and everything you touch turns too gold. God has blessed you tremendously and you are so happy, that  you feel on top of the world. Then out of the blue, disaster, an accident or tragedy strikes. Your good mood has changed to depression and now you are discouraged. For at this moment you wish you could change the hands of time to either speed up this moment or go back in time to avoid your personnel tragedy. Life is funny like that,one moment you are very happy and the next you are very sad. Some may wonder why do only the good people seem to suffer and the bad people seem to prosper? Well it may appear that way on the outside, when in truth everyone has their time or  seasons.

 Everyone that's born will experience both good times, as well as bad times. We just have to be able to embrace the moment then  learn from each and every experience . Everyday is precious and there can be positives even when going through something bad or when life gets  extremely troubling. During those times is when I find out what I am made of and that's also the time I figure out how strong of a man or Christan I really can be. It makes me answer those very important questions, I have of myself and it also helps answer those same questions of people that are very close to me. During the hard times is when you figure out who is really a man, a woman or who is really your true friend. My mother used to always say this to me, "If a woman really loves you she will be there with you through the thick or thin or for better or worse. She would go on to say , "The true character of a man or woman is one who can face the storm, embrace it and not run away from it". But if a person abandons you during your hard times or when you are in trouble, then you really know what type of person you are associated with. Anybody can be a good friend or good spouse when you have money or when things are going well. But if they truly love you they will be there with you no matter how hard times get and will have faith that what ever you are going through is just like storm,that passes away in time. A Christan, man or woman of God do not run away from trouble. They may avoid it and they also may pray for God to deliver them from it, but they never shy away from trouble or problems. Instead they embrace it and look for solutions or a way to fix  their problems. As a child of God, people must realize that if Gods son Jesus, had to suffer, so shall the people he died for. If we all would read our Bibles then  we all  would realize that Jesus Christ did not suffer or die  in vain. His sacrifice was sufficient and he embraced the moment. Jesus Christ showed the world that God our Father in Heaven has not abandon us. He love us so much ,that he gave his only son as a sacrifice, that not only reflects his love for us, but also to let us know that we have another chance at living . If you are reading this and going through a hard time, remember this touble do not last always. Never give up embrace the moment , because trouble is just like a storm it passes away in time.
Have a blessed day,
Psalm 100:3 Know that the LORD Himself is God; It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves; We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.

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