Thursday, June 2, 2011

God Verses Man

Since the beginning of time God has always been challenged by his most prized creation man . First God was challenged by the devil and his angels, then latter by man. This to me sounds funny since man, woman and the Angels were created by God, what makes us think or even have the nerve to challenge God? Don't they realize that all of our lives are already planned out? Even today the very existence of God is being challenged by atheist and scientist. One scientist (Stephen Hawkins) was quoted today saying that there isn't a God. What's funny about these people who spend their time, money or energy trying to prove there isn't a God, is that the very science they use to back their ideals or so called facts, aren't really accurate at all. Everyday scientist have to take back many of their ideals or theories, because what they thought to be fact wasn't really fact at all. What they haven't quite figured out was that man, has flaws, is imperfect, therefore don't have the means or ways to challenge someone as perfect and powerful as our God. As you would know through the media, social media or the Internet people these days will believe or have faith in just about anything but God.

If one would read their Bibles then they would know that this has already been predicted in Gods word. Even though no man, woman or computer can predict the last days or the time when Jesus Christ will return, our days on Earth are truly numbered. Its pretty evident that anyone who may want to go to Heaven or anyone who wants to live in the next life, really needs to step up and get their lives together. Yes, the world is  harder to live in and even more difficult to serve God in. That is because the evil or the devil is getting even more desperate, because he also realizes that the time is near for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to return. With the aid of atheist, scientist, the Internet, news media outlets, some political leaders and even some so called men or women of God by his side the devil has been very busy. You hear, see or even witness it on the news and all over the Internet, a lot of people today are evil, mean and nasty. But our Father in Heaven provided us with a weapon called his word, an army of God fearing people and legions of Angels, that can not be defeated. How did our Father in Heaven do this you may ask?

 First he provided his son, Jesus our Lord and Savior as a living sacrifice. Then he gave us his word the Bible and then his army of Pastors, Ministers, Teachers, Nuns, Priest or lovers of God to spread the good word , then tell the world of his love. God is both mighty and wise, for he is the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega. There is only one true God and only one true son of God, Jesus Christ. Those who decide to turn their back on the Word and follow the devil or man will end up in hell for eternity. Those who choose to follow Jesus, will be with the many who love him and will be welcomed to join him in Heaven, with God by their sides forever. God Verses Man, is something each of us will experience in our everyday lives. The more people who turn away from God, just clear the path  for those who want to join him and others in Heaven. People who trust God and his Word, then choose not to believe what man says, are on a good path of joining our Father in Heaven. In the many days to come there will be many rumors, there will be wars, there will be divorces, sins, crimes and lack of faith. But if those who believe would do what God wants them to do and that is to separate themselves from the world, their days here on Earth will be blessed forever. They will be on Gods side when the battle begins. When that day comes ,when man challenges God then looses the battle, the people who follow God and his son Jesus will be on the winning side. They all will be in Heaven, singing praise and glory to God who is mighty in battle, for the battle of God Verses Man has already been won! The devil or those who choose to serve him, will be in their rightful place, in hell for eternity. This is my introduction to the many chapters that will follow. It give those who read them, a small glimpse into a life of a God fearing man, trying to find his way while living in the world full of sin, while at the same time looking or searching for the key to everlasting life in Heaven. I declare today there is a God and that his son Jesus Christ died on the cross, then rose three days later for our sins ! May my many journeys through life be an inspiration to those who read my blogs for as long as they shall live. As my late grandmother would say," Good things in life only happen to those who believe". God Verses Man
May God bless you always,
Charles E Holmes
Proverbs 21-23
21. For the ways of man are before the eyes of the LORD, and he ponderers all his goings.
22. His own iniquities shall take the wicked himself, and he shall be hold en with the cords of his sins.
23. He shall die without instruction; and in the greatness of his folly he shall go astray.

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