Friday, June 17, 2011

In A Judgmental World

We live in a world where every ones life is on display for the whole world to see. On face book, twitter, my space, social networks and television people judge other people actions, crimes or sins. In Today's time there are brothers turning against brothers, sisters turning against sisters and children disrespecting their parents. Church members talking about other members and co-workers talking about or judging their co-workers behind their backs. When I am at work or out in the world there is constant conversation's about the people in the world. In everybody thoughts or words I would hear statements like; I cannot believe he or she did that or what is wrong with her or him shouldn't they know better. People in the world are constantly talking about each other or judging each other for their actions or sins. The outside world is like a soap opera or reality show, where people are constantly being judged, watched or talked about. What most people fail to realize is that their house is unclean or they don't have their own affairs or house in order. What this statement means, is everyone is a sinner and there is no one that has the power to judge another man or woman's actions or sins. That power is exclusively for our Father God! Its really amusing to me to see or hear people criticize other people when the fact its is their own lives are in shambles. What's sad is now instead of having to fear people on the outside, we have to watch our own family members. In fact the people closest to us are like wolves in sheep clothing, appearing to love us, but instead stabbing or plotting our next down fall.

 My mother used to always tell me as a child, "Son before you open your mouth to criticize someone else, make sure your act together". In other words; never put anyone down or even think negative thoughts about someone especially when you do not know or understand that persons situation. I was taught never to assume anything and always give a person the benefit of doubt. As a father I have to make sure my children also have the same type of values that were instilled in me. I make sure my son knows to always put God first, to respect women and as hard as this may sound to others never judge a person because of their color or race. When my son would ask me a question when it comes to race I would say to him that there is only one real race and that's the human race. I would go on to explain to him that all humans came from and were created by God. The reason why I and most parents try to instill values in our children is because, we are in some since accountable for their actions. If our children fail or become something other than what they should be or ought to be it may be because the parent or parents did not properly prepare them for the outside world. When raising my son, I never forget that he is getting older and one day he will be on his own.  That is why I do not baby, my son or spoil him. I make him understand that life is not easy and you have to work for everything you get. If anything is given and its seems to be free then there is always something attached to it. My father had this famous saying, "Nothing in life is free". He would go on to say , Son when you came into the world we had to pay for you to be born and when you leave it someone will have to pay to bury you. The only thing that's truly free is the love of God and he loves you unconditionally. But mans love comes with a price and you should always be aware of people with hidden agendas. Before you even think about criticizing anyone else, you should instead clean up your own house first and always be aware that everyone has done something in their past or present lives that they are ashamed of. If a person remains humble and has the love of God in their hearts. Then they will be able to look over peoples mistakes and then learn to be forgiving. They will be on their way to becoming a God fearing, humble children, men or women of God,  In a Judgmental World.
Have a blessed day,
1 Corinthians 4:5
Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart. At that time each will receive their praise from God.

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