Monday, April 1, 2013

You Can Do Bad All By Yourself

As a young man, I used to hear an old saying," You can do bad all by yourself". As a man now who have grown both older and wiser I began to understand this statement very well. To those who don't, know what this statement means I'll explain. It means is if you are in a relationship or in a marriage and one party is not contributing to the relationship or marriage, doing so puts the full burden on the one that is working or providing for the home or family. It also makes it harder on the individual  who has to work, pay all the bills, then do all of the household chores and on top of that raise children by themselves. While, the other party in the relationship is laying back, being lazy or waiting on a job. That makes it hard when supporting a family and it can be very stressful .What makes life  harder to bare is, the lack of respect or the lack of appreciation that the person that is doing all the work gets. When the person or spouse, are feeling unappreciated then resentment settles in and is fuel for the devil to come in then destroy the relationship. This is especially difficult on, single fathers and mothers. Because being a single parent is hard enough, by itself, no one wants a strange man or woman over their children and does not need the extra stress of a lazy adult. This is one of the reasons why, people should only live together, if they are planning on getting married in the near future.God does not condone people living together and only approves of marriage. Besides that living together is a sin and if you love a person enough to live with them, you should love them enough to marry. If you do not love them enough to marry, then the answer to a question anyone should ask themselves in this situation should be answered. (Do I have a future with this person or is this person marriage material ? )
What married people should realize is that both are there, to care, to help, love and support each other through the good times as well as the bad times. The man is the body and the woman is the rib. Real men should step up and support their spouses or their families. Real women should also step up and support their spouses or their families also. Both men and women need to act the part, appreciate each other, then be there for each other in more ways than one. Each should be help mates, that are there for emotional support as well as financial support. Its no fun having to do everything and no one will be happy if one part of the couple or marriage is doing more than the other. That is why everyone should do their part in making a marriage or relationship work. When the man or woman are feeling low, in need of love, support or just want someone to talk to each should do their part. Men should be what the Bible intended on them being the head of the house and the provider for the family. Women should also be what God wants them to be, that good thing, the rib and help mate. When men or women attack each other and bring each other down, no one wins. The only one it pleases is the devil. God is not pleased with couples who fight against each other, put each other down and he is not happy with unappreciative or uncooperative spouses or mates. In Gods eyes marriage is a blessing and a contract sign in blood between him and the married couple. To all you single people who have their boyfriends, girlfriends, man or woman living with them, I want you to remember this, its a sin and our Father in Heaven is not pleased. No, its not better to get to know them better while living together, in fact the devil will be in the middle of your relationship and your future will be filled more bad times than good. Try the proven but old fashion way, live apart. That way God will be in the middle of it and if this person is really meant to be your husband or wife, God will reveal it to you both in time. The old saying is ,You can do bad all by yourself and divorce is at a all time high. Don't make the same mistake as so many newly or currently divorced people have. Instead try Gods approach because it works. After all you can do bad or just fine all by yourself.
Be blessed,
1 Corinthians 7 : 3
(3)Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: like wise also the wife unto the husband