Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Power Of The Spoken Word

Did you know that you have power when you speak or say things? In the bible Its says," In the beginning there was God and with God was the Word. Also the bible says," you can speak thing into existence. That mean what you say can and will become possible. That's why we all have to be very careful when we say something or claim certain things in our lives, because if we aren't careful those very words may come back to hunt us. Words have been know to start wars, to break up marriages, to start rumors, to crush people egos or hearts, ruin friendships,break up family's and the list goes on and on. But if one uses wisdom and speak positive thing in ones life,then you can get positive results.When talking to your mate, your children and your family speak very carefully. Especially when angry, because that when we say harmful words ,that hurt or scar a person for lifetime. Once a someone says something or says a certain word, it can't ever be taken back and it will remain in that person memory for a lifetime. I have learned that every man, woman or child has the ability or power to hurt, to inspire, re-shape, destroy, to bring happiness, to bring sadness,stress and even cause health problems to those who they speak words too.

 As a brother, father, family member or mentor, I know that the words I speak can either cause some harm, while other words can help others. There is an old saying,that my late grandmother use to say, "If you can not say nothing nice, then one should say nothing at all". We all get angry, but at the same time we should all be very careful when we are angry. Our words can shape a person mind or thoughts and leave a good or bad impression on them for a lifetime. The devil loves it when we are angry, because he is the cause of confusion. His job is to seek and destroy. If one lets him or allows him in their lives, he will break up their marriage, ruin friendships and destroys or separates ones family forever. My advice is simple if one becomes angry,then they should go into another room, then say this prayer;
 Father God, I am angry do not allow the devil to guide my thoughts or words.Please take away these evil thoughts or awful feelings then guide me with your power and wisdom. Give me the ability to say or speak words that are only pleasing to you. Do not let the devil destroy my marriage, my family or re-shape my children. Father God guide me and put in my thoughts the right words to express my thoughts or feelings.With your love, your forgiveness, your strength and your wisdom , I know I can say express myself in the right way. The Christan way that pleases only you. I claim this victory over this curse the devil and this evil world in the mighty name of Jesus!We pray, Amen! With this prayer I know that you will say or speak the right words that are pleasing to God.Then very shortly after that. the positive spoken words today or tonight will be a blessing to you, your family and your career. It will also bring glory to our Father in Heaven.The power of one or many spoken words, can change, then remove all bad or evil in ones lives for a lifetime. Keep the faith and never forget, The Power Of The Spoken Word!
Have a wonderful night and be blessed in Jesus name,
Matthew 12:36 But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken.

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