Sunday, July 20, 2014

Energy & Strength

Life as you know can make all of us feel kind of sluggish. The daily routine, that includes raising the children, working 5 days a week, driving in traffic, doing household chores and dealing with our spouses. These things within themselves, can leave most of us feeling unconfident, drained, out of sorts and with no energy. Our focus leaves, faith shattered and sometimes our belief in ourselves or with others fade away. Today one might drink a cup of coffee, drink a energy drink or take a pill to help them get that extra boost of energy or strength, so that they can get through their day. What they don't realize is that those things are only temporary and in most cases aren't good for their health or spirit. The question that most may ask after reading this blog, how can one get energy and gain confidence or strength without those items? By picking up their Bibles and having faith in God. As my Pastor would say, a word from God a day will keep evil and the devil away. Doing this will enable you to say devil and world not today, because I am determined to win! For the word says, Zechariah 12:5 great strength comes from having faith in God. When you wake up tomorrow morning, instead of fixing yourself a cup of coffee, before you purchase a energy drink, take some sort of drug or a pill never forget that God our Father in Heaven is all you need! Everything a person may need or want is right within their mist, if they just only have faith and trust God. If you are blessed enough to be reading this at this moment, get your boost of energy today, with faith in God!!! Where one can get confidence, energy, faith and strength through God.
May God bless you always,