Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Doesn’t Hurt Anymore

Life, wow just saying life is a statement within itself. As I think about all the changes my life has gone through I wonder sometimes, how did I make it or what got me through it. Then I am reminded everyday, without God our Father in Heaven watching over me and Gods son Jesus great sacrifice I couldn't or wouldn't have been here to give this testimony. Its funny how life is especially when we are hurting. Most of the time when we are being hurt, lied too or deceived we often feel as if we are the only ones going through such pain or suffering. But in truth there is pain all around us and there are a lot of people out there that can relate to our pain. I have been through so much in my life and my heart broken so many times, that it would be hard for even the most skilled surgeon to repair it.I thank God, for Jesus almost everyday, because he can and has healed my broken heart many times.One may think that I love punishment or that I enjoy pain. Other's may feel that being in love or seeking love, is not worth it, because it so painful and that I am only setting myself up for more disappointment. All I can say to those people is that yes, I have been hurt, I have been lied to and I have shed my share of tears. But through it all, Jesus saved me and although I have some bad experiences or memories, it does not hurt anymore.

 Why you may ask? Well it’s because for every bad situation, heartache, break up or divorce and yes even when someone tells me that I am not worthy or not good enough, I know in my heart I still have Jesus! Jesus is my healer and I know that he loves me. God’s son wants me to love again and to never give up, just as he did not give up on me. The old saying is, “That God knows my heart”. That statement is very true, our Father in Heaven is already aware of our pain and suffering. All he wants his children to do is to acknowledge him and ask him to remove our pain. He wants his children to truly give ourselves and our problems to him. God not only wants our praise he also wants us to practice our faith. There is a song that’s very popular the title is, Let go and let God. What this song means is try not to solve the problems that you are truly incapable of solving. Give your problems, troubles or pain to a higher power. Give them to God and his only son Jesus. When you do in time you will begin to heal, those painful memories will begin to fade and in time so will your pain. When it’s over then you will feel like a new person and whole again. If you happen to be reading this and are feeling or experiencing the same type of pain I just wrote about. Know this with Gods good grace or blessing, your life will have a new beginning.Then guess what? Your pain or suffering that you been experiencing," Doesn't Hurt Anymore"!
Have a blessed night,

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