Monday, June 6, 2011

The Mirror

When you look into the mirror, do you like what you see? Are you happy with all of your accomplishments or do you consider yourself a failure?  Most of us are people that are made by the expectations of others rather than ourselves. Our fathers, mothers, friends and even our spouses have expectations of us that are hard or impossible to achieve . These people might feel just because you have hair a certain length, a body that's well shaped or have had great grades in school that you are supposed to be a certain way. Its funny how people have certain perceptions of you and really do not know you. When in truth the only one who really knows everything it is to know about you is God himself. In fact you or I may not know everything about ourselves and we even surprise ourselves with the things we do and have done in our past  .
 That is why I think everyone should take a hard look in the mirror and realize these very important facts;(1) No one is perfect, not  even you and everyone has room for improvement.(2) You are not better than everyone else and just because you have more, does not mean you mean more to anyone else.(3) In the end you are not going to be judged by the success you have had in life, but only by the way you served God.(4) Its not looks, material things that make you a good man or a good woman, its the heart  and the love of God,that makes you a good person. A humble person is loved always and a boastful person is hated forever.(5) No matter what people think you should do or have to do, in the end its only you that can make important decisions for yourself. You have only one life to live and you should live it to the fullest. You should do what makes you happy and stop living your life to please others.(6) Sometimes we miss our blessings because of our own fears or insecurities. What I have found the key to success , is to never allow fear or doubt creep into ones life. If you put your trust and faith in God, then all things are truly possible. In other words get out of your own way and stop keeping yourself from being happy or successful.
 If you really want to please someone, try pleasing yourself and God. Because in the end when judgment day comes, it will only be you and our Father in Heaven going over, how you  have lived your life. So take some good or sound advice , its your life to live , so live it to please yourself and when seeking advice, take it from someone who knows you the best. The one who created you, our Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ.
Have a blessed night ,
Psalm 149:4 For the Lord takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with salvation.

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