Wednesday, June 1, 2011

All I need

I was blessed with a wise father. He taught me some valuable lessons about life and survival. One is his famous sayings is, Life has no real guarantees. What he meant by this is that if you really want something in life, you will have to work hard for it. What I have learned on my own is that this lesson not only applies to your career, but also to your personnel life. What I have also  found that if you really want something, you have to work hard to get it and also work hard to keep it. My father used to say, "Son stop dreaming about what you want and make it a reality". He would go on to say ," There is nothing wrong with dreaming or wanting things". But if you do no put any effort in getting what you want or dream about , then you really do not deserve it. I took his words to heart and I live by those same principles today. Yes, I window shop just like everyone else, but I also put a plan in place so that I can do what ever it takes to make my accomplish my dreams and then make them a reality.
We all dream about having a nice car, a beautiful house or home, a wonderful career, a spouse and a life that's forever blessed. But if we do not go after those things, then one has to question do they really deserve having them. It real easy for some to concentrate on achieving just some of the goals without completing the rest. But if you leave any job or lesson incomplete then its not really  finished. For those who I have just lost with this statement, let me explain. If God happens to bless you with a good job, a beautiful home and you have no one special to share it with. You may be happy for a moment , but then you will realize without that special someone in your life, you will find yourself asking," What is it that I am missing"? Then you will know, that all your life you have worked hard and achieve most of your goals, but without love all your hard work will only lead you into sadness.
 I was told once by a very rich woman that I would not be happy if I were rich, because people would only want you for your money. The time she told me that I never understood what she meant until now. This was a woman who had everything in the world that money could buy. But the two must important things in life that she didn't have, couldn't be bought with money.What are these two things you may ask? Well for one she didn't have God or his son Jesus Christ in his life, therefore she didn't have love in her life either. Because if she had Jesus, in her life then she would have realized that having money or material things are nice to have, but they are only temporary. Having love and Jesus is forever.To those who are blessed enough to read this take my advice, while you are out in the world trying to further you careers or achieve new financial heights. Take time out for yourself and seek true love, because life truly has no guarantees. Look for your soul mate , spouse for life and seek or look for that good thing that the bible speaks of. Do not spend your life alone without your help mate or rib. Travel then explore the world with that special someone. After that build a solid relationship with God and his son Jesus Christ. Because having just like anything else you will have to work hard to get it and even harder to keep it. Having God and his son Jesus Christ by your side will make this transition even easier ,then you will realize that you can really have it all. What it all boils down to is that God is all a person needs. With a little faith all things are possible through belief or faith in Jesus.
Be blessed,
 Corinthians 1:22 who also sealed us, and gave us the down payment of the Spirit in our hearts.


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