Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How Do You Know If Someone Loves You?

If you are in a relationship or a marriage, sometimes its very hard not to let the outside world in or allow some deep inner feelings within yourself, that my have you questioning yourself or doubting your relationship status. You could be blessed with a very good man or woman and not even be aware of it. That may also make you  question, if  they are really the right man or woman you should be involved with. Or you may say to yourself that, they just like the many other bad men or women that you may have experienced in your lifetime. Being that many of us have had our share of bad relationships or marriages and have had our share of heartaches , most of us are scared to love or trust again. One may question why get involved with someone if you are not willing to give the new person or new relationship the benefit of doubt? Why get into something new or fresh  if you are always thinking or talking about your past heartaches or pain ? I would say to those that are in a new relationship or marriage, to stop living in the past and to  reclaim your life.  I would also say that by living in your past and holding on to past memories only hurts or harms your current relationship or marriage. What everyone  must realize is that when you are starting a new relationship, you are in fact starting something new and it should not have to be judged or prejudged, by what happened to you in your past. After a bad relationship or marriage everyone deserves a fresh start or a new beginning.

 There is an ancient Chinese  proverb  that I really love it says," In order to move forward, one must leave the past behind". What this statement means to me is your past is history , its only to be revisited for learning privileges and not to judge your current relationship or marriage. People should learn from their past and not repeat their past mistakes. They should take the good experience's from their past , then apply them to their current situation and leave the past or bad memories behind. Also they must stop punishing themselves or stop punishing their new man or woman because of their past hurts or pains.

How do you know if your man or woman loves you? If you happen to question your relationship status then you should ask yourself these series of questions. Does your man or woman   compliment you, without you asking for a compliment? Do they cook, clean, wash , provide you  financially or attend to any of your needs? Do they show that they  care about your feelings or concerns? Do they put up with your bad attitude (Because all of us have them) or bad moods  and still love you the same? Are they forgiving of you ,when you have mistreated them or said something you should not have out of anger? Do they try to console you when you are hurt or when you have been mistreated by family or friends ?Do they wine or dine you? Spend time with you, text, e-mail or even call you just to say I am thinking about you or to say I love you? Do they surprise you with sweet words or words of wisdom? Do they both love and honor your children or family? Are they loving ,supportive, caring, kind, understanding and God-fearing? Chances are if you have said yes to at least three of these questions, then in fact you do have someone who  loves you ,cares about you and your feelings.

 My advice to anyone who is blessed enough to read this ,is to give you new relationship or marriage a chance and  too stop prejudging it. Never start any relationship with false expectation's or set unrealistic goals. Don't live in a dream world and understand this that everyone makes mistakes. Also realize this, not all men or women are bad or evil people. After all God did say in his word, that everything he created was good and God didn't stop creating good things or good people.Its also a fact that, there are  good people out there that want the same things as yourself. But before you can get the true benefit of love or your blessing  you have to first have an open mind. Also remember this while dating or considering marriage, God won't bless, a man or woman who doesn't have a open mind , so that they can learn new things, an open heart, so that they can allow love to flow through their heart or an open door so that God can allow the blessings from Heaven above to flow through them. So keep an open mind, heart and door, then pretty soon you will receive your blessing . And when the  next time you question yourself or a friend, does your man or woman love you?  You will know already know that God our Father in Heaven has answered your prayer or prayers  from Heaven.
Have a great night and be blessed,

Philippians 1:19 For I know that this shall turn to my salvation through your prayer, and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ,

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  1. I enjoyed reading this blog, this is a question that can sooth any doubts one may have. I definitely agree prayer is a key factor to many answers one seem to question. I believe when we doubt other, we also be doubting ourselves. This is one to grow on!!!!!!