Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I have been often told that I look very young for my age and I thank God for blessing me to look young as I do. But after further examination, I realize that if I did not change my lifestyle or mature I could be looking like the rest of the forty year olds. My mother always used to tell me to ignore people who say, “Age is only a number“. She would tell me; instead of listing to that nonsense I should mature at every age and not make the same mistakes as I have in my past. She would say to me, not only learn more, but also take better care of yourself when you become older. My mother was very wise and when she was feeding her family she was always careful to feed us what she thought was healthy. As I grew older I took some of my mother’s advice, I made sure I ate well and I exercised. Even though when I was younger I did the things that you expect a young man to do when he first leaves home or as my grandmother would say, “When a bird leaves the nest“. I went out to clubs, stayed out late, drank excess fully; I slept sparingly and rarely ate right. All of my mothers teaching went out the window, when I left the house. Being a young man I thought I was invincible and also I was free of my mother’s rules. My father used to say to me, Son you are young dumb and full of………. Now that I am much older and wiser I understand his reasons for saying this statement.
What I realized is that every year I get a little older and I should not continue the doing the things that’s I have done in my youth. When you become a father, then latter a grandfather then there comes a point in time when you should change. To those who may question this, I have some questions for you. Have you ever been to your high school reunion or have you ever bump into someone you grew up with, then latter discovered that they look much older than yourself? I know I have and I have often question myself, on why I look younger than other people of my age or sex. What I have discovered is that some people never grew up, mature or change. They keep doing the things that children and young adults do. They stay in the streets; they drink excess fully, use drugs, over eat, have unprotected sex and hardly ever get any rest. That’s a recipe for disaster and can make anyone look old real quick. In anyone doubts that these type of lifestyles will only age you, I have some important facts to point out to you. Even doctors say it’s important for human beings to eat right, exercise and to get plenty of rest. That fact would make anyone realize that if you are living a risky lifestyle, when you get older you should change. But if you want your life to have perfect order, then you should give your life to Christ. What I realized as a Christian and lover of Christ, that now my life has order or purpose. I have changed my life of being a single father of the world, into being a single Christian father. I learned how to live my life according to God rules and now my life has peace. I no longer have to please man and I also have grown up. My mother has a saying that has always stayed with me. “When you know better, you do better or the biblical saying that equally applies to this statement,” A wise man changes, but a fool remains the same“. The moral to this journal is if you happen to be over weight, unhealthy and look older than you should. Then maybe it’s your lifestyle that needs to be changed. Try living your life for Christ and I promise you your life will never be the same again.
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