Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let God Not Man Shape Your Life

We live in a world where our  lives are being influenced by the wrong people or false profits. We allow the media , opinion polls and people that are only interested in spreading lies or rumors shape our lives. When in fact we all should look up high and realize that God our Father in Heaven is the only one who should shape our lives. Instead of looking at our president or politicians for hope or for a solution to our troubles or problems, we should instead seek God. For God O Mighty in Heaven, has all power in his hands and his plan for each of us is perfect. For God is the beginning and the end. The Alpha and The Omega. None should question his wisdom or his plan. For God eyes can see what the human eyes are incapable of seeing and that's our future. God knows our beginnings as well as our endings, he also knows where the troubles or dangers before they take place.For those who do not know what it means to fear God and not man. Remember this not only does God wants you to fear him not because of who he is, but also because of what he knows. Some may question what I really mean by this statement. Well what I am saying is God Our Father in Heaven is all powerful and there is nothing impossible for him. He knows our future, because he helps shapes it and he knows our beginnings, because he also created us. God can see what even his own Angels in Heaven are incapable of seeing and that's our future. Fearing God and not man means as long as you have God in your life, there is no doors that can not be opened and no mountain that can not be climbed. God can change anyone life and enrich their lives beyond belief. He can make a blind man see and make a rich man poor. God has the power to change a persons situation in an instant. For those who might doubt Gods power ask yourself this very question. When drastic changes occurred in your life how much time lapse? When death occurred or natural disasters happen how long did it take for those things to transpire? If anyone answered these questions honestly they would say in an instant or over night. For those changes in most people lives are those that God himself made happen or possible . For even though God is all powerful ,he has mercy on his people. God warns us or gives us signs before we destroy ourselves or cause ourselves pain. He advises us in his own way to keep us from getting ourselves in the bad situations or bad relationships. But like disobedient children we always try to do things on our own. Then soon after that we often ask God this very familiar question, "Why God why me"? Why have you forsaken me? The answer to both of these questions is because you didn't listen or heed his warnings and God our Father will never forsake those who have faith. If we all had a little bit more faith in God, then we would let God, not man shape our lives.
Have a blessed day,
Romans 14:23 But if a person has doubts and still eats, he is condemned because he didn't act in faith. Anything that is not done in faith is sin.
Romans 14:5 One person regards one day above another, another regards every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind

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