Monday, June 6, 2011


 I was once told by my mother that you could never judge or understand a person situation until you have gone through it for yourself. On the outside most people appear or seem to be fine or okay, but if you took a harder look then you would realize that many are heartbroken, have gone or been through a lot, have been troubled or have a lot of pain in their lives. What brought these last two sentences I just wrote to home or life is when  I meet a lady much older than myself and its an experience that I'll never forget for as long as I live, here is her story. Last week I ran into an older lady she was about sixty-nine and she seemed to be a little troubled . Then for some reason I was compelled to speak to her. I said ,"Hello, how are you today" and then she replied, that she was okay, but was very tired and depressed. I asked her why, then she said because now at this stage of her life, her children were grown, she was getting old and she had no husband or no one to love her. She felt because she has been hurt many times in the past, used, lied too, been physically and mentally abused and that she had nothing left to offer anybody or any man or anyone else.Then I looked at her then, smiled and said to her that God loves you and you have plenty to offer . Then she looked at me with a smile and said really do you really think I have something to offer? I said yes, you have plenty to offer, besides that you are still here right?

Then she said to me with a very honest smile and said look at me young man. I am old, wrinkle, I have false teeth and my hair is short, what can I possibly have to offer any man or anybody? Then I said to her, you may appear to be broken on the outside, but what I see is a very beautiful women inside of you. You have a lot of wisdom within you that you can use to mentor younger people. Also because you have lived through so much you can also help others avoid the pain that you have been through .As for the man that will soon become yours, you have the appreciation of experiencing both the bad or good. You have a beautiful heart inside of you and God wants you to continue living your life. Then she looked at  me with a sad face, then asked me, "What can I do about my hear"t? Then I asked her what do you mean by that? She then said to me with a very sad expression," My heart has been broken so many times, I have been disappointed and lied too more times then I can count". I do not know if I will every have ,the will or the way to love again. She then said I feel broken, my heart can not take any more and I am afraid to love again.

Then I asked her this question," Do you believe in Jesus"? Then she said," Yes with all my heart"! I looked at her then smiled, then said to her that Jesus has the power to heal your heart and then power to make it whole again. Jesus , has the power to fix your broken body and make it whole again. If you really believe in Jesus and if you love him, then you should allow yourself to love others. But first you have to forgive yourself, in order too forgive others.Then give yourself and all your troubles to our Father in Heaven.Through his son Jesus, you will be healed, able to love again and what was broken is now whole again. To all who may read this, your heart may be broken or in need of repair, your body may be in need of healing, but if you believe and love Jesus, then you will shall be healed . Your love this time will be that  much  greater, because there is no love greater than the love of Jesus. He died on the cross so that you will be forgiven of your sins.  That your Broken body or heart will healed and so that you will be able to love again with the blessing of our Father In Heaven. Broken!
Have a very blessed day,
1 Corinthians 13:13 Now these things remain Hope, Faith and Love. But the greatest of these is LOVE.

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  1. Thank you for those inspiring words. I can now love and live again through my heavenly father. What was broken, God had mended the pieces back together again, I was wounded, but now I'm healed by His strips. I was washed in His blood and now I'm redeemed!!!!