Monday, June 27, 2011

Trust Him , Trust God

 I have been inspired by one of my  friends to write this one. Since almost all of my friends happen to be mostly  women, I thought I would give you all some very important information on men, since I happen to be one of them .(smile) First I'll like to give you my definition of a man. Age has nothing to do with a man being a man or a woman being a woman. Yes, its very true the legal age of a man in 18 and the same can be said for a woman. But age does not change a boy into a man. Boys over the years mature in to being a man. Our life experiences,the way we were raised as young men help shape us into being men. I know a lot of you are saying , okay Charles get to the point. Okay, being a man means first being able to take care of ourselves, provide for ourselves, loves ourselves and having  respect for others. Most of us were taught to be strong, never to cry, never express our feelings and to always be on guard when it comes to our heart. I have been taught as a young boy, that if I did not love myself, I could not love another. My father used to say love yourself first, you are number one and there is nothing in this world you can not do if you try.Well that's just a small part of what a man really is.
Now when it comes to a man giving his heart,well we do not do that easily. Its hard for us to break down and give ourselves to someone. We do not wear our emotions on our sleeves and despite what women think of us, we do have hearts. We love just like women do, but in different ways. When we love a woman and give our heart to them we give our all. Is it the way that women would like? No not at all, that because we are not made that way. The minute a woman tries to change a man in to what she thinks he should be, that is when he ceases being the man you fell in love with. When God created man, his ideal for man was to be the strong ,the protector, the provider and the head of the household. The woman was suppose to be the help mate and the protector of a mans heart. Does that mean she did not have to work? Well in the old days, no. But the bible if you have a true understanding of it changed from that. The New Testament made provisions for that, because God knows all things and knew of our future. God knew that men would need women more in this changing world. That's where the ideal of help mate comes from. The woman is a man help mate, his rib and his equal. She is to walk beside him and not behind him. Where he is weak, she should be his strength . But not too strong to keep him from being what he is and what God wants him to be. Men and women should be equal partners. Standing shoulder to shoulder as a team or as one.
 Men or women should never  fight against each other, but instead for each other. If they are to become what God wants them to be, then they should always respect their parts or roles as a team. Every man has his place and a woman has her place. But as a team , together both can do anything and when they are attacked by the Devil. My mother would always say this every time somebody tried to harm our family, When they mess with one of us, then they mess with all of us. That's how God feels when someone tries to harm his children and as you know vengeance is his. God will fight your battles, if you just trust him and allow him to fix it.
 When something goes wrong in a relationship or marriage, men or women tend to blame each other for their problems, without recognizing that the devil is out to seek and destroy their happiness.A friend of mine once asked me what should she do when people or the devil try to take or destroy what's hers. Then I answered her by saying , Tell the devil that he is a liar and God is my strength! As hard as this must seem, we all should learn too trust each other and always trust God. God has a plan for us all and the journey with through Christ may not be easy, but if you have faith in him all things are possible. There will be challenges, hard times or heart breaks, but if you love him,  trust him and allow God too lead the way, then great things will happen. Always, remember this as long as you live," Great strength  comes from faith in God". Have faith that what ever problems that may come your way, God will work it out for the better.Make it a point  trust God our Father in Heaven with all of your affairs.
May God bless you all,

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  1. "Is it the way that women would like? No not at all, that because we are not made that way" Explain what way women would like? A man to be open with his feelings?