Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Old Sayings

As I youth I was very blessed to have three generations of relatives around in my childhood. When I grew up, I had the pleasure of seeing my great grandparents on both sides of my family. I also had both grandmothers and grandfathers around too . What made this even more a blessing was hearing them talk about the past and also hearing their thoughts on today's time verses their time. As I think of the good old days, I can only say that I miss them , for both their love and wisdom. But what I enjoyed the most was hearing those famous old sayings, that still stick with me today. They would say things like, "What comes around goes around". Which means  if you treated someone bad, its a very good chance that same bad deed or hurtful feeling just may come back too you. They would also say this, "Do on to others as you would want to be done too you or treat people like you want to be treated. Those two were some of my grandfathers favorite sayings. He explain to me as a child, that people only treat you the way you treat them. He would say son in my day people always respected each other. Men would always open the door for the ladies and women would always greet the men with a smile. He would say but to those knuckle heads or bad people with no respect or proper up bringing. He would say you know the ones who never smile, the ones who always complain and the ones who are always unhappy. He would say Charles ," do you know why those people are so unhappy and always complain "? "I would say no grand daddy I have no ideal why they are that way". Then he would say with a frown and then a smile, well its because they need Jesus! He would look at me with a smile and say son, people will be people, you just have to learn to respect people no matter where they come from. He would also say everyone has their own ideals, anyone that I may meet, grew up  with different backgrounds, parents, religions and different beliefs. He would say even though God made us all in his image, he gave each and everyone of us our own minds. But if you are wise and can read you will find  in the Bible , many of those old sayings that me and your other relatives have told you over the years of your life.In those old sayings you will find the wisdom and the faith to live a life the way God our Father in Heaven wants us to. God wants us to love our neighbor's, respect our elders, honor our fathers and mothers. God also wants us to help the needy and also help those in need. God never wants us to be disrespectful and to always honor men for their good deeds . God also wants us to always to be grateful, for everyday that we open our eyes we are blessed, just to live another day. He would say these are just some of the things all men and women should be thankful for. My grandfather used to say son, we all are living on borrowed time and should live our lives to the fullest. Everyone should enjoy, Gods green Earth while there is still  life in their body. Love one another and stay away from negative or bad people because they will only bring you down. Before he would get another word out of his mouth I would say, "Yes, grandpa I know, birds of a feather do flock together. Then he would say son(with a smile) if you love God and honor Jesus your life will be filled with joy. Live your life like Jesus and you will be rewarded in Heaven. He would say Jesus was a humble man, a forgiving man, loving man and while on Earth he did what his father sent him to do. Jesus healed the sick and fed the needy. He did not let , mans evil ways effect his life here on Earth. Even when both men and women doubted who he was, he stayed faithful and fulfilled his Fathers purpose.Even when being nailed to the cross for a crime he did not commit Jesus still loved his creations, then sacrificed himself on the cross for our sins and on our behalf he asked God to forgive us all for our future and past sins. He would say if you read those old sayings in the good book(the Bible), then apply them to your life, then your life here on Earth will be blessed. Son you will be on the pathway to Heaven and I will be there waiting for you with open arms.
Have a blessed night,

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