Friday, June 24, 2011

Stop Being So Negative!

This is a journal that everyone needs to read. If you happen to be a parent, husband, wife, someones best friend, pastor or child of God this can change your out look on life. First thing everyone needs to realize is that we all live in an imperfect world and none of us is free of sin.It doesn't matter what level or income bracket you are in everyone has issues, problems, troubles or are experiencing some type of pain. Even the very rich have problems that are very similar to those that are poor.Why would I say this? Well if you read the paper, look at the news or have access to a computer, then you would realize that being rich ,only affords one thing that other people with less income is accustom too. That's the ability to buy or purchase what every they may want or need. Other than that they are just like the rest of the world. The rich have to fear death, they also have family problems, political beliefs and some even worship God. But the thing that all of us have in common is the very one thing that keeps us apart.This very thing keeps us, from being close to our children, our mothers, fathers, family members, friends and even our own spouses. It also keeps us from succeeding in life and more important than that it even separates us from God. What is this thing? Its negativity! Being  negative can make people not want to be around you .If you happen to be someone or know of someone who always complains, fusses, fights and argues, then most people, then you will understand why most people avoid those who are negative. People generally want to associate themselves with someone that is always positive. Beside that its a fact that there is enough negativity in the world and no one needs to be reminded on how bad things are or how many mistakes they have made. Even a child realizes it when they have made a mistake. Even though some may need to be reminded more than once about their past mistakes or sins, if its done in a constructive way they will get the point and change in time.
My advice to anyone who may happen to be reading this, if you happen to have a husband, wife, child or friend that has made mistake or even if they hurt you in the past or in the present.Please forgive them and move on.Its a fact that the only way to reach Heaven is by forgiving someone of their sins. By the blood of Jesus we all are forgiven for our past and future sins, so shall we be forgiving of others. As hard as this my seem,one should always try to look for positive solutions to yours and other peoples problems.
To those rare group of people that feel that there are no positives in their life I have this to say," Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has hurt by someone or somebody and there is no one free of sin. Mistakes is just another way of making things right. Some people have to fail first before they can succeed. Even in marriage people will make mistakes and  hurt their spouses. Many times some just need time adjusting to the ideal of being married. The same thing applies when raising a family, some have to adjust to being a parent or have to adjust being, head of the house or help mate so. Also to those who say ,"well my husband or wife was unfaithful ". Well if you have truly forgiven them, then God can and will change them in time. You must look at the positives when someone hurts you or even when someone or even yourself makes a mistake. Look at it this way if a person truly wants to change and ask you for forgiveness, then God our Father is in the mix. With him in your life, your marriage and as head of your family all can over come any sins or weather any storm.Take my advice, stop being so negative and stop reminding them ,how bad of  person they used to be or of the mistakes they have made in their past. I am pretty sure they already know, that they are not perfect and they truly want to change. After you have forgiven them, put them in the hands of the Lord .God can turn any bad situation into a good one. Trust him , then never loose faith and everything will be alright with the blessing from God.
Have a blessed night,
Psalm 15:1-3
(1) Have mercy upon me O God , according to thy loving kindness: according unto the multitude of thy tinder mercies blot out my transgressions.(2) Wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity and cleanse me from my sin. (3) For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin  is ever before me.

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