Monday, June 6, 2011

Nothing Happens By Chance

Have you wondered how you got  to where you are today? Have you thought about, what made you move to a certain city, state or even country that, you never thought of or even  heard of? Or Lord why did you have to date, marry, divorce the person or persons in your life? Have you ever wondered to yourself  if, God gave you a chance to change your life would it be different? Or are you one of those people who think things just happen and that's the way it is? Have you ever wondered why you are black, white or what ever race you may be? Then you may ask God why are some of us tall ,while others of us are short? Have you wondered to yourself does my life have any real purpose or meaning? Better yet, what does my life mean too God? Well if you are a true believer of God then you should , know that nothing in life happens by chance. Everything we do and everything that happens is already planned out, written or foreseen. What does that mean really? Well by studying the bible I have realize that we have some control of our lives or our destiny. Through out all of our lives there will be many opportunities, many doors and different circumstances' to over come. We will meet people we never expected to meet, we will live in places we never thought of living and most of us will do things we never thought of doing.

 Most of us will never be the people, as teenagers we dreamed to be and  those dreams such as  becoming, Doctors, Lawyers or others may never be achieved. Why would you ask? Well its not because we couldn't be those things or didn't do the right things to make it happen. It was because God had different plan or paths for each of us us too follow. In some cases people just lacked the right amount of faith or the proper direction to become the person they dreamed of being. Even those of us  who have achieved or reached their goals, God has a plan or purpose for them  also. That's right my brother or sister God still has a plan for you! That's why when some of you claim that, you need to be lucky or in the right place, in order to achieve your goals are wrong. Because God has a plan or purpose and he know each of our futures.
 To those who are blessed enough to read this , always remember that  God has not put a limit on you or I. Each of us were created to do different things or to have different professions.We all have very unique roles and its up to us to follow our hearts , then realize our true destiny. Since no man or woman really know how much time he or she has to live, we are required to live our live to the fullest and to take advantage of every opportunity.

I have thought about what difference is it to God if its good day or a bad one and found that he see each day the same. By looking at this verse in the Bible(Ecclesiastes 7:14 When times are good be happy; but when times are bad, consider God has made the one as well as the other. Therefore, a man cannot discover anything about his future.) As you can see to God its just another day God has made and there are none in his eyes that are bad . Its up to us too  learn  something new everyday, improve ourselves  and enjoy our lives  to the fullest. Nothing in life happens by chance and God has our lives all planned out. We can be anything or  achieve anything that  our heart desires. If we put God first,then  ask him for it, then be willing to receive and to take advantage of every door that's been open. Every opportunity is a blessing and we all would be blessed if we started  recognizing that our true destiny is in our own hands. I am leaving a few verses of the bible for everyone to read, because these I feel is very important to our growth. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.
Have a blessed day,
Ecclesiastes 7:16-17 Do not be over righteous, neither be over wise-why destroy yourself?(17)Do not be over wicked and do not be a fool-why die before your time?
Ecclesiastes 7:5 It is better to heed a wise mans rebuke, than listen to the song of fools. This too is meaningless.
Ecclesiastes 7:8 The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.
Ecclesiastes 5:10 Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income.
Ecclesiastes 9:2 All share a common destiny-the righteous and the wicked, the good and the bad, the clean and unclean; those who offer sacrifices and those who do not.

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  1. This blog hit the nail on the head. Just yesterday me an a co-worker were talking about the same subject. You covered many concepts that we were discussing, and everything makes perfect sense. I definitely agree nothing in life happens by chance, but when it comes to God's purpose it's already planned. Things happen in our life when we do things in haste, instead of giving God control. People in general whether it be male or female sometimes have a tendency to want things happen within a blink of an eye, but most people use there own intuision to figure out how things will turn out. Then when the rubber meets the road his or her first thoughts maybe to reconstruct his or plan, or lose hope things will not turn around. In reality God already has a planned purpose for each and everyone of our lives. Whatever potential or gifts we have in order to perfect the gifts God must be included from the beginning. Another point you mention was God's plan for our life. Trusting in God will reveal the plan that is already orchastraited and in place. Thanks this is really encouraging but more so inspirational.