Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Are having problems in your life? Are you tired of living a stressful life? Do you want a change in your life? Have you been complaining and fussing? Are you feeling sorry for yourself? Are you happy with your life? Is your relationship or marriage falling apart? Is your life a living hell? Do you feel lost  or incomplete?Are you happy with yourself and need to make some personal changes in your life? Are you lonely and need someone special in your life? Then stop! Stop complaining and fussing! Stop feeling sorry for yourself! Stop your marriage and relationship from falling apart and do something about it!
 For you, have the power and the strength to make the necessary changes in your life! Your life does not have to be a living hell and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just pray and ask our Father in heaven to restore your faith. Ask him to have mercy on your soul because you are tired of suffering. Then after that make a plan and include it in your prayers . Get yourself a piece of paper then write down the things about yourself, your marriage, friendship or relationship  that you do not like and want to change then change it. The easiest way I found to make the changes in my own life ,were by first admitting to myself that I have a problem, second by writing down what makes me unhappy, sad, depressed or what I need to change and third by asking our Father in Heaven for mercy, grace , wisdom and the strength to over come my weakness or deficiency's. By doing this I have acknowledge both to myself and to God that I have a problem and  that I needed to change my life . By doing this it will give you both the wisdom and the strength to make real changes in your life. God is real and will give you the ability to stop you from making those bad decisions or choice's.  If you are feeling lonely and need someone special in your life. Then pray and ask our Father in Heaven for that blessing. God is a deliverer and he will give you the desires of your heart .He will also give you warnings in advance to stop sinning,to stop complaining, too stop fussing and too stop letting the devil get in between your family, relationship or marriage. God will have you saying to yourself  each and everyday, when you are feeling weak in the flesh to say ; Stop I will sin no more! Stop I will not feel sorry for myself and stop because I will make the changes in my life. No ,devil you will not win this battle, because the victory is already won. My sins have already been forgiven, by the blood of Jesus. So stop devil! Stop! My life, my marriage, my relationship, my family will be better and blessed . I have a new life starting now with Jesus by my side and when I am feeling weak, all I need to do is stop, then pray. Stop me O Lord, Stop me from feeling low,Stop me from my destructive behavior and bless me with your grace. For that I , have learn to first think before I walk or talk. Also I have learned that without you I do not have the ability to change. So before I try to do anything on my own," I say to myself. Stop! Stop! Stop! Then consult you O God then change.
Have a blessed night,
John 20:27 Then he said to Thomas, Put your fingers here; see my hand. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.


  1. my Marriage as fallen apart i try and try but i beleave that some thing are not meant to be , some time we open doors in our life that are not suppose to be open,so each time we try to, the LORD close them but we are so blind to what god is doing in our life,so we keep on opening up the same doors that god had already close.

    1. God doesn't allow men or women to open doors that he closes. Once God closes a door it can never be opened again. So trust in the Lord with all your might and give our Father praise.

  2. i know that, we try to to open that door and we fail and we try several times still failing then we are wandering what wet wrong,the door that god closes that we tried so many times to open.example a failing marriage he or she may try every thing to make it work but in vain they tried .the door had already been close by god.