Friday, May 27, 2011


Have you ever reached a point in your life when you are just plain  tired? Tired of struggling, tired of the games,tired of all the problems, tired of the lies, tired of the deceit and just plain tired of all the bad or terrible things the world has to offer? Are you tired of your family, friends and co- workers rumors or lies ?This is when you want to give up and say," Lord why am I having so much bad luck or why me Lord?Then you may say Lord when will my problems, troubles or my struggles end? When will I find a man or woman that will love me for me and stop playing games with my mind body or heart? You may say God I am willing to change if you just show me the way. This is when in a dream or in your thoughts that God reveals to you all that you have been through, just to remind you of why you went through all those things.
Most of the time our struggles, our pain or our suffering are because we fail too head Gods warnings and sometimes rejected his blessings. Some of us even question if these blessings, are from God ,despite the fact that he is only giving us what we asked for.We take for granted that our Father in Heaven, actually listens to us or hears our prayers. That's why its so very important to be careful when we pray ,because it a good chance we just may get what we prayed for. Many times we blow our chance or our blessings out of fear.What some of us seem to forget is that life is about taking risk or chances. The old saying is, "Nothing fails without a try". If we trust God more then we will succeed and failure is only a just a step toward success.Giving up is not an action that God is happy with and there is no room in Heaven, for those who have little faith or for those who quit. All of Gods Saints have struggled in life, but the one quality they all had was that they, there never gave up no matter how hard things got and in the end they all succeeded. Even Jesus himself endured pain, suffering, heart breaks, but he never gave up and never gave up on us. Jesus himself was tempted and tested by the devil for forty days and forty nights, but never let Satan break him. That is why he died on the cross so that we may have a chance at eternal life.
If you happen to be married, have a family, have a chance at real happiness or have a great opportunity at your door steps, don't give up! Don't allow fear or anyone else get in the way of your dreams or blessings. Always remember failure is just another step toward success and if you believe, trust, then have faith, then all things are possible through God. When God opens doors,there are many blessings behind them. But it does not mean, that there will not be trails ,tribulations and periods of failure, because we all will be tested. But if you remain faithful and fearing only him, then your marriage, your family and your career will be a success and God will get all the glory. If you are really tired and want your life to change for the better. Then give all your burdens, problems, pains and troubles to him. Then your days of being tired and stressed will be a thing of the past. Your life will be filled with joy and you will have a smile that will light up any room. The light of Jesus will shine through you because, all of your burdens will be lifted. Then one thought should come to your mind after you realize that you have just been blessed. Thank you Jesus for freeing me when I had no one else to turn to only you were there. Praise God!
Have a wonderful day and be blessed,
1 Corinthians 15:57 But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.


  1. God took my soulmate/husband home and my son years ago. I am so sick of this demon infested world and just want to go home. Tired doesn't even describe my feelings.KE

  2. Imsorry your in so much pain they day godhas a plan for everyone maybe his plan is not done yet