Friday, May 20, 2011

In The Face Of Evil

 One of the main obstacles many of us face everyday is dealing with the enemy(the devil) or with people like him who happen to be evil, envious, jealous, trash talking and back stabbing people. Lets face it there are a lot of judgmental or misguided evil people in the world and many of them really enjoy being that way. It seems today, being good, God-fearing or even just someone trying to earn an honest living is like being a minority. Why would I make a statement like this? Look at the world today and while you are taking your time observing, haven't you notice the lifestyles people now embracing? Its a shame to say, but there is a worldwide movement  that's trying to destroy or discredit the words of God. Then there are others that are trying to change or manipulate Gods own word in order to please man or their own flesh. Its also sad to say that even when you are on your job trying to earn an honest living, you have to deal with evil people like co-workers. Some of those people believe it or not claim to be christian or God fearing people like yourself. Most of these people spread lies,start rumors, embrace hate and when you are not around they are busy talking about you behind your back. What's funny to me some of these people clam to be your most trusted friends, co-workers or relatives and in most cases they are the main ones trying to tear you down. Its enough to make anyone say, help me Jesus! In The Face Of Evil!

 Even a routine trip to your favorite grocery store or mall can be a challenge within itself. Why? Because even there evil exist. One may have to be on the look out for a criminal that may be stalking you to take your hard earned money or one of your material possessions. Even at home these days its hard to avoid or escape evil. There some, may face an ungrateful child, a cheating  husband or wife  and when they get there they may have to argue, fuss or fight. If that isn't enough there is always a problem to solve that is not of their own. I was once asked a series of questions by a friend of mine, because she was having a hard time. How do I cope in a world where almost everyone is evil or embracing lifestyles that doesn't please God? How do I remain strong when there are so many people out there trying to tear me down? How do I avoid temptation when I am lonely or have no one to love or care for me? What do I do when people that have lifestyles, that make me uncomfortable approach me? How do I keep myself from becoming just like everyone else? What do I do when I am In The Face Of Evil? The easy answer to all these questions is to seek God and read your Bible. Draw your strength from him for the word says," Great strength comes from faith in God Zechariah 12:5". Even Jesus himself, Gods only son, had to face evil daily , so he often prayed and drew strength from his father. When the devil tried to lure Jesus into sin by temptation , he leaned on his fathers word , then rejected him. Jesus son of God, followed his Fathers instructions and never allowed the sins of the world to overtake him. That is what we as Christians, God-fearing and good people should do. Even though the world may be cruel or evil, we should never become slaves of the world. Instead we should embrace our good side or our God-fearing side especially, In The Face Of Evil!

 To those who are blessed to read this I have some sound advice. Be aware of the world you live in and never be surprised when you are faced with evil. For it is written that the devil is the prince of the earth and he knows his day are numbered. His job is to seek and destroy. And he will use anybody to for his own purpose. We also need to learn what the face of evil looks like and learn how to deal with it when we face it. So take my advice when someone evil approaches you or tries to tear you down. Pray without fail, then know that the battle you face is not yours and the people who try to hard tear you down will have to face the wrath of God. Be confident for you are a child of God and God takes care of those who love him. Be patient for those who wait on the Lord will be forever blessed. Then forgive those who have sinned against you and place all of your burdens or troubles into the hands of the Lord. For God our Father in Heaven has all power and there is none greater than he that has created us.Your struggle is now over because God our Father in Heaven always answers prayers and always keeps his promises. When faced with evil all that one has to say, "The devil is a lie and  I rebuke you in the mighty name of  Jesus!" Then the devil shall flee and those who follow him or his ways will leave you alone forever. A word or verses from the bible a day, shall keep those who are evil and the devil away. In The Face Of Evil!
 Be blessed,
Romans 6:17 But thanks be to God that, though you used to be slaves to sin, you wholeheartedly obeyed the form of teaching to which you were entrusted.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog, words of inspiration well spoken, the spiritual thoughts put into this writing was right on time. You know I usually have a lengthy response but you said a mouth full and I have nothing to add. The only thing I would like to say is great job!!! Be Blessed