Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Right Or Wrong

While living life each person will be presented with two types of ways to live their life. Many have the choice to either to live the right way or the wrong way.The question is are you living your life in the way, that pleases God or the wrong way that pleases the devil? The easy way to determine if you are living the right way or wrong way, is by your lifestyle. In today's society there are many types of ways a person can chose to live their life.Those ways are determine by the person or the persons living it and can be influenced by the media, the person or the persons that raised them or by the persons own thoughts or like we say it down south by our own minds. But in the Bible God only acknowledges only two, right or wrong. God only acknowledges people who follow the law or his word and those who do not follow law or break his commandments , then sin.

 Thanks to my parents, I quickly learned the difference between right and wrong. Both my father and mother were very strict and were very quick to discipline me when I was wrong. As a child I never understood why my parents were so hard on me, but now as an adult I am forever grateful to them for being that way. Why you ask? Well as a child God blessed me at an early age to witness those were spoiled or those that were left along to think for themselves. Those people happen to be two of my very best friends one of them is no longer with us and the other is in jail. As I think about my two very good friends, I often think about how much they missed their parents giving them something that they lacked and needed, which was their parents love.

 That is why I was grateful to my parents, because they made me work for everything I got and even though they were strict, they never let me forget how much they loved me. In today's world many equate love , with money,buying gifts, possessing material things, or with sex. Even though these things may be very important to some, in Gods world those things do not matter at all. You see is easy to determine if you are living a life that pleases God. Because a child of God has a life that's free of stress,drama and bad luck has no room to breath in a blessed persons life. But its also very easy to spot someone who is living in a way that doesn't please God. Even though they may posses many material things and may seem happy on the outside but on the inside they are lost. Because a person that is not living right or a person that is rich will never have peace. Drama, stress or pain is always present in their lives. Also a person that doesn't live right always have to fear the wrath of God, because of their bad choices. All of us through out our lifetimes have to make many important decisions in our lives, but the most important decision of all is either to live our life the right way that pleases God or the wrong way that pleases the flesh or the devil. Which will you chose? Right or Wrong.
Have a blessed night,

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