Friday, May 27, 2011

Life Is Hard But Its Fair

One of my fathers favorite sayings is , "Life Is Hard But Its Fair". As a youth I had a hard time understanding what he meant by his favorite saying . But now that I am older, a little wiser and have experience life for myself, I now have a good grasp or understanding on what my father meant by this statement. What I have learned is if  you really want something in life, such as material things, money, happiness or even love you will have to work hard to get it and even harder to keep it . It reminds me of an old saying," Nothing earned is nothing gained or No pain, no gain ".  If you have a plan, stick to it, stay determine and never loose focus, then you will succeed. As a youth I was one of those type of people that was very determine. When I wanted something, I did what ever it took to get it. At that time in my life peoples opinions of me didn't matter. I was very focused and I made the most of every second of the day. I used to  do what  most Christians would say, speak them into Existence. I would say I was going to be a success,even before It happen.

 As I think about my past it makes me remember something my mother used to always say to me. She would say "As you grow older, stay confident  and make it an habit to either improve yourself or to learn something new everyday". The things you do well, keep doing them ,but the bad habits or mistakes you have made, learn from them and then move on. She would go on to say," Never loose yourself during this process called life". When she made this last statement it kind of puzzled me, so I question her. Then she would say life has many ups and downs, there will be many bumps or bruises, but no matter what happens or transpires in ones life they should never loose focus. What I loved about my mother , was that she never lied to me. She always told me that life was hard. She also constantly reminded me, that if I worked hard believed in myself and God, then the possibilities' were unlimited. She would say, Charles you can be or do anything in life, but its going to take a lot of hard work and in some cases plenty of sacrifice. She would go on to say no one is going to give you anything for free and if they say that they are, don't believe them because no one does anything without expecting something in return. Charles you will have to work for everything you may want or desire. In life there is nothing is free and there is always a cost for everything. Then she said something that has stuck deep down in my spirit until this very day. No one gets any where alone or by themselves without God constantly watching over each of us, protecting us from evil and even ourselves nothing would be possible that's why I always give him praise.

Now that I am older I have to constantly stay in prayer. I often ask God, not only to bless me, but to also keep me from forgetting what made me a good man in the first place. To those who may be puzzled by this last statement I have this to say. Sometimes when we go through bad relationship, divorces or anything that may cause us pain, we tend to loose ourselves and forget who we were before we got in those terrible situations. As an example to this I offer some of my past to help you get an better understanding on what I mean. Before my divorce and even before I met my ex-wife, I was supper confident (almost to the point that I was arrogant). There was nothing  that anyone could say or do to get in my way, when it came to becoming successful. What ever I wanted I went after it and what ever I thought I needed, I devised a plan to make it happen. I was very aggressive not only with my career, but also with my health. I worked out five days a week, stay on top of all the news and read everything I could so that I could increase in  knowledge. But as you know if you have ever experienced being in a bad relationship or marriage, it can be very easy too loose focus. My mother would always say to me as a youth, when you are looking for a mate, make sure she's is your equal. In other words have they have the  same goals or some of your  thoughts . Because if you make a mistake and chose the wrong mate, then the out come may be disastrous. From that experience along, I have learned that one should be very careful when choosing a mate or when venturing out into unfamiliar territory. That is when prayer becomes very important , because without God in your life. Life can be, extremely  difficult and it will hardly ever be fair.

 If you happen to be reading this take some good and free advice. Learn from your mistakes and  then do your best not to repeat them. Take advantage of every opportunity from your finances to your personal life, because God opens doors and answer prayers. And the best advice I can give to both the young and the old, never sell your soul . What I mean by this is if you happen to be a good person, with good ideals, good intentions, never let anyone or anybody change who you are. Only change for the better and only change for God. If someone or a certain situation have changed you, pray , then ask God to restore you to your former self and when you do he will change you then make you even better than you were before. If you consult God first, life will still be hard, but you will be better equipped to handle life even when its not fair. One must never forget that, Life Is Hard But Its Fair!
Have a blessed night,

Psalm 51:12 Restore to me the joy of your salvation; and uphold me with your free spirit.
Psalm 54:4 Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.


  1. nicely done continue to be a blessing and be blessed.