Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Faithful And The Unfaithful

Both men and women tend to blame each other when it comes to infidelity. When it comes to a man they are considered dogs and male whores for having an affair or when cheating on their spouses. Most women who cheat tend to blame the male for their actions and use their reasoning for cheating they also blame the male for their actions. But the real question most people would like to know is who really is the blame? Is it the males fault when he commits adultery or is it the females fault? Is there ever a real reason to cheat? Is it okay to have an affair, just because your spouse or ex-spouse chooses to cheat on you? Is pay back a practice that God our Father in heaven agrees with? Or the real question like my 16 year old son would say,( Daddy lets be real) Is why do people cheat or have affairs? Is it because of lust or is it because they have a serious problem that needs to be taken care of? Being that I have been on both sides of the fence when it comes to this issue, I began to study what made me cheat and also how did I feel when I was cheated on. As I write this and share my thoughts with the rest of the world, I know many questions may come to mind. One is why would a man who confesses to serving God cheat or even commit sin? Well the easy answer to these questions is, because I have not always been saved and another real or truthful answer is because I am still a sinner, therefore not perfect. But as I think about my own behavior and examine why I did what I knew was wrong, I would have to say at that time it was lust. Being a young man at the time, I did not take time to think about the consequences of my actions.So as a young man being on his own for the very first time, I really did not understand what was right or what was wrong. Yes, I was always raised to respect women and also to follow the rules but the fact is I had no fear , nor did I know what would be the consequences for doing something so wrong. As I think about my past, I realize that I was missing something very important in my life . Yes, I was blessed to be raised by two very wise God-fearing parents, but the real knowledge that I got from them both did not kick in until my latter years. But what was missing was my relationship with God the Father and with his son Jesus Christ. Yes, I knew of God and his son Jesus, but I really did not know them. Even though I attended church with my parents, I did not understand why it was so important not to sin. It wasn't until  I found Jesus, that I realized the consequences for my actions. After I found Jesus and started to make changes in my life I became faithful and was latter cheated on myself. Some might find that ironic, but I find it refreshing. Why you may ask? Well it makes me remember some of the old sayings that my mother used to say. She would say; What comes around goes around, then you would also say; Be careful how you treat someone for God watches high and God watches low. Now after I have been both faithful and unfaithful, I realize that I should have paid attention to those valuable lessons I learn from my parents and from the sermons I ignored while in church as a youth. Now as an older adult I now realize that there is a God and I also have a relationship with him. I fear him because I know if I do something wrong, he will punish me like any good father would. I respect him and I also want to please him. To those who choose to be unfaithful, know this you will pay a high price for your actions. You will suffer beyond belief and wish for the day that you can go back and avoid that bad behavior. To those who remain faithful even while you are being wronged or mistreated, your blessings await you and our Father in Heaven is very pleased. So keep your head up and do not worry about people who choose to be unfaithful. For vengeance is the Lords and God watches high and God watches low. Even in darkness none could hide their actions from the one who has created everything.
Be blessed,
Proverbs 14:14 The unfaithful will be repaid for his own ways; likewise a good man will be rewarded for his ways
Proverbs 23:28 Yes, she lies in wait like a robber, and increases the unfaithful among men

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