Monday, January 9, 2012

Leave It Better

As I think back on the job, my parents did raising six children, I must say (now that I am an adult ) that I am impressed that they both were able to turn six children into productive adults. That in itself is a blessing. Back in those days it was a common thing to have or raise a large family. Try raising a large family in this economy, would be hard and would drive any of today's parents insane. I know now that my parents, grandparents and great grandparents were made of different stuff. There were stronger than the parents of today, because they had to over come so much. When I would hear my father or mother talk about the good old days, they would often brag to me and my siblings. They would tell stories, about how they had to walk to school bare feet and how my father or mother had to pick cotton after school. I remember my father saying, "Son back when I grew up you could by a pickle for a nickel, a moon pie for a dime and a coke for a quarter. But now in today's time a dollar can't get you a thing". He went on to say, Your mother and I made good grades in school, worked hard to achieve our dreams or desires. Son do you know why? I answered him by saying no. He answered me by saying,"Well son because we wanted to leave it better for your brothers or sisters when you guys venture out in the outside world". Back when we grew up times were hard and we were judged not by our intellect, but by our skin color. Back then when we grew up there were black only and white only bathrooms. He went on to say ," Son back in our day we had too have faith and too believe that God would leave it better for future generations to come". Today most of the worlds governments take Gods blessings for granted and don't want to give him credit for anything. There are even some that don't believe he exist. But your mother and I know without God, no one would be able to enjoy the freedoms, that they now enjoy today.
My father was the type of man that enjoyed talking about politics and government. Being that he was a retired Vietnam veteran, he always talked to be about what he went through while our nation was at war. My father kept explaining to me that, the government is trying to take God out of our schools, off of money and now out of our national anthem, not realizing that this country was built on biblical standards. You see son, our ancestors or fore fathers had it right and they knew without Gods blessings , there would be no way that any of them could leave it better for future generations to come. That's why your mother and I are so hard on you guys, because we want you to be able to leave it better for your future generations. When we ask you to clean up your rooms, study hard in school, go to church with us on Sundays and to respect your elders, we are only planting seeds in your mind that will latter grow. What makes me sad son is when I see people trashing the environment, disrespecting authority and some are even turning their backs on God. That why we are so hard on you, your brothers or sisters, because we want you guys to lead the way and to not let our hard work go in vain.
Now that I am raising a son of my own, I try to instill the same practices that were taught to me as a youth. I know without my parents, grandparents or our past leaders today none of us would be able to enjoy our freedoms or reap the benefits' of past generations sacrifices. But like my father I often get sad when I see trash in our forest, streets or oceans. It seems like the world doesn't care or doesn't realize what harm they are doing to our environment. I also get sad when I notice that a lot of parents, are not embracing their responsibilities' as role models and most really don't want to become leaders. Some of our children are now lost because some parent, didn't give their children the necessary tools or guidance to make it in the world today. If we want our children to leave it better for their children, then we have to become better parents. Like my mother would always tell me before I went to school, Son please clean your room and leave it better than you did before.
Have a great day,
James 4:12 There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you--who are you to judge your neighbor?

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