Friday, December 30, 2011

A Conflicted Life

Over the many years of life that God has blessed me with , I have come to learn many things. One if you don't work hard, apply yourself properly, have a plan and stay determine it very unlikely that you will succeed. As cruel as this may sound when you leave home and get out on your own, its really up to the individual to make it in life. What I have found is many people in this world are still hoping or they are still depending on their mothers or fathers to make it. When in fact their parents really don't owe them anything. Once a parent raise their children, then they become adults and have the ability to fend for themselves, then they are in fact on their own. That lesion was taught too me at a very young age, when I left home as a eighteen year old man. I knew when I left home, that I could no longer depend on my mother or father for love, success or any type of financial support. I was now a man like it or not and I had to learn life the hard way then had to learn it quickly in a very cruel hard world. What ever success or failures I encountered it would be because I made them and in the end it was, I that was responsible for what ever happened in my life. Many times in my life I had to lean back on my fathers, mothers, former teachers, grandparents teachings or wisdom, to help guide me through my many storms. I looked up to my late grandmother,( she was my role model) because even though she was in her seventies she still worked hard and did what ever it took to make it in this world. One would think that my late grandmother wouldn't had have too work so hard being that she was in her seventies or that she could depend on her children to take care of her because of her old age. But in this conflicted life we all live in no one can really depend on their family or friends to care for them. The only one we all can truly count on in our time of need is God.
What made my late grandmother so special was her sheer determination, her strong character, her love for God and her very rare unconditional love for family, that missing in this world we all live in today. What I loved about her was that she never looked down on you, even when you made a mistake and despite a persons faults she never threw any of her children or grandchildren away. She was always supportive, very loving and caring. She refused to believe that any of her children or grandchildren weren't good or were failures. She always believe that all of her children and grandchildren, had what it takes to make it or to succeed in this world. That is why I miss her so much and regret everyday, that I didn't have the time to properly tell her how much she meant to me.
My advice too anyone who is blessed enough to read this, is to tell the people you love, that you love them while there is still breath in their bodies. Never let anyone come between you and your family or friends. Because doing so may cost you valuable time that you can never get back again. And if by some rare chance that God blesses you with someone that will love you unconditionally, never let them go. Don't let your family or friends take away, what God has blessed you with. In the world we all live in each of our lives can become very conflicted. Why would I make this statement? Well because most of us say we want someone to love or someone too love us unconditionally and really mean something else. By those who may be confused by this last statement, I'll explain it this way. Some of us say we want a good man or good woman, but when God blesses those who ask, with that good or special person most don't know how to act. Then they are confused or conflicted. I have heard many of men or women say, that someone is too good or too loving to be their type of man or woman. Sounds funny doesn't it? But in a conflicted life many don't understand this very important fact. If you pray , then ask God to give you something, in his own time he will give those ,who ask the desires of their hearts. Like my late grandmother would always say, "Be careful what you ask for, because you just may get it". The question is, Are you prepared to receive your blessing? Because if you are not, then very soon after you receive it, then it will be lost. Because you are living a conflicted life.
Have a blessed day,

 John 3:9 No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God's seed remains in him; he cannot go on sinning, because he has been born of God.

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