Monday, December 19, 2011

Before The Year Ends


As I think or ponder another year almost gone, I often think about my late grandmother because I really miss her so much. I miss her wise words of wisdom and her rare unconditional love. I miss her smile, her warmth, her unique way of solving problems or her way of handling complicated issues. My late grandmother had a way with people and she never met a stranger. She loved her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and she especially loved people.My late grandmother has been gone for over 10 year's now . I just want to take this time to say, I love you grandmother and I miss you. As I give tribute too my late grandmother, because at this time of year, I can't help but think of something she once told me . She told me never to emulate the rest of the world and to always dare to be different. I remember her saying to me,  "Never make a New Years resolutions , but instead do what you plan to do now before the year ends". When I asked her to explain this statement too me. Then my grandmother asked me this question; Baby, you do want improve your life or want to do better in the year coming than the year past? Don't you? I said yes grandma I do. Then she said never put off today, what you can do tomorrow, because if you do then you will add more to another day. My advice to you Chuckie,  is to start your New Year off the way you would like to end it. Also learn from your past mistakes, take what you are doing right and improve on it. Then leave what you were doing wrong in the past , never look back and then move forward. My late grandmother had a famous saying that I loved," The way you bring in the New Year is the way you will end the next one". In other words if you would like to have a better year, than the one before, then start doing what needs to be done before the year ends.

My advice to anyone who is blessed enough to read this, clean out your closets today, then get rid of old things, bad habits or old problems. For those who may be confused by my last sentence, let me explain. If you happen to be in a bad relationship, horrible marriage , in financial trouble or anything that may hold you back from having a successful year. Do what you can to fix what bothers you today and get rid of the problems that you can't fix tomorrow . If your problems are very complicated or seem impossible to solve, then pray and ask God for direction. Its been my experience that if you take care of or solve the problems of today, the less you will have to deal with the next day or tomorrow. So keep in your life what's good for you and get rid of things that hurt or harm you. Start everyday, with prayer and praise for God has blessed you. Learn from past mistakes, then move on to better things or greater things. Be mature , never allow anyone or anybody use your time for games or foolishness. Smart people avoid immature or ignorant people. Because eventually they will only become obstacle's that will soon get in your way. I once told a friend of mine, that sometimes its okay to give up, too let go of the past or to let go of our problems. Why? Because there are something's in our life that can't be helped or solved by man. Before a New Year begins all problems or issues should be placed in the hands of the Lord, before the year ends or a New Year begins.
Have a Happy New Year,

P.S. To all my friends and fellow readers around the world please, be careful when you drive. Please Buckle your seat belts and always drive safely. Never drink or drive, because it may cause harm too you or may cause others to loose their life. Always be aware of your surroundings , because even though its New Years, there always will be evil people out there seeking to harm or to destroy your way of life. Use this holiday to tell the ones you hold special in your heart that you love them. Never let fear be a factor in your life when it comes to love, opportunities or blessings. Because fear, doubt and temptation, are the devils most useful tools to keep you away from your blessings. New Years for some can be a very stressful holiday and the devil uses this holiday to influence people into doing the wrong things or to sin. Happy New Year!!!

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  1. I love reading everything that you have written, you are Blessed with alot of knowledege and I have learned alot from you. Be Blessed Love You Always.