Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finished House?

Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer
It’s nice to think about the day when this house is finally finished being renovated. I am so sick of walking around in sawdust and hearing the drills going at 8 every morning until 5 at night – I guess that’s part of the deal when you’re a stay at home mom. The kids and my husband get to get out of the house everyday so they don’t have to deal with it but I am on my last nerve! I’ve been trying to tie up all the loose ends like looking into DIRECTstarTV and calling about decorators but all I can really think about is the way the house is totally in pieces. I know we agreed that it would make sense to do the renovations as soon as we moved in but in retrospect I sort of wish we had waited a year to get settled here so that I wouldn’t still be worried about unpacking and getting things in order. Oh well, hopefully in a couple of years this will all be a memory!

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