Thursday, December 1, 2011

Heads Or Tails

I was blessed as a child because I had the pleasure of seeing and living around my great grandparents . The reason I feel blessed is because when they were alive , both of them passed on valuable knowledge to me as a child, that I now have the privilege to share with others today. As a child I remember my parents taking me , my brothers and sisters over to visit our great grandparents. What was strange to us at the time we also had two grandparents on both sides of the family living. I remember my mother explaining to us what grand and great grand meant. She would say your grandmother or your grandfather, are my mother or my father, the same applies to your father. But your great grandparents are the parents of your grandparents. What was a thrill to me was hearing my great grandmother and great grandfather communicate. I would laugh when my great grand would say, to my great grandfather," You be the head baby and I'll be the tail. Then she would say in her cajun accent ," You lead and I will follow". My great grand and my great grandfather had a beautiful relationship. You could clearly tell that they both loved each other, had deep respect for each others feelings and were truly happy people. They were married for over fifty years . After being around them as a child their happiness rubbed off on me and my brothers or sisters.
I was seven at the time when I recall having conversations with my great grand and I would laugh my head off, when my great grand talked or expressed herself , because to me it was funny .(To those who may asked why did I laugh? Well it because I was a kid and children laugh at everything) But even though I laughed at my great grand's words, I was curious or smart enough to ask her what she meant by her statements. She went on to say, Chucky in every business, marriage or relationship there is a head and there is a tail. But the head of any marriage or business should always be God, After that it has always been the mans role to lead. Then I shocked my great grand with these questions; I said, Great grand what if the woman makes more money than her husband or what if she is smarter than him too? Shouldn't she be the head and the husband be the tail? Should the husband follow the wife, if she happens to be stronger than her husband? Then my great grand smiled and said these words to me, Chucky you are a smart little fellow! How did you get so smart? Before I could answer her she said, Because you are carrying my blood and my genes that's why. Then she got serious and said, Chucky when God created both man and woman, he did so in order. First he created the man, then from a mans rib he created woman. She went on to say every since I have been old enough to remember men have always been, the leader, the provider and the head the of the family. I know we live in a new age now where women are seeking their independence. But as much as some women want to be independent of their male counter parts, they will be forever linked to man. Why you may ask? Well because in the beginning woman was created out of man and for the sole purpose to be the help mate to man.
I had this strange look on my face, because I really couldn't understand my great grand's big words. So she made it simple that even a child like me, at that time could understand. God our Father in Heaven is the head of all of our lives and without him we are nothing. Your great grand and I marriage or relationship works or survives because we both respect Gods divine order. God first, our Father, our provider , giver of life and of all things. The man second, the head, the decision maker, the provider and protector of the family. The wife third the helper, the help mate and the main reason the marriage or family survives. She looked at me and smiled then said, your great grand and I couldn't make it or survive without each. We depend on each other for strength and wisdom. Men can't make it without women and women couldn't make it without men. Why? Because we are both intertwined and God made it that way. Also because I am such a big help to your great grandfather and because we both have the same needs. We both understand our roles, we love each other ,we appreciate and have learned to understand each other differences. When we have discussions or disagreements, we talk to each other and not at each other. We truly respect each other and we both let each other do their parts. She would say, baby I can't be a man and your grandfather certainly couldn't be a woman. When we got married we never question who was the head or who was the tail. I let your grand father lead and I followed. Then allowed him too be a man that I fell in love with and in returns he allows me to be his queen . I trust him doing his part and he also knows without a doubt that I will do mine. If you follow Gods divine order the you too can have a happy marriage that will last a lifetime. What I have learned from my late great grandmother, are the very same principles that are written in the Bible. God has made both man and woman with many purposes in mind . To serve, owner , praise God and to follow his divine order. To be the head or the tail.
Have a blessed day,
Jeremiah 24:7 I will give them a heart to know me, that I am the LORD. They will be my people, and I will be their God, for they will return to me with all their heart.

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