Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Truth, The Light And The Way

One of my friends came to visit me today and ask me to pray for her. She was having a hard time with her life, her family and was separated from her husband. Being that I myself have been in, her shoes before I really understood why she was hurting. Even though some of us treat marriage as if its not very important we both had no intentions on getting divorced . I understood how she felt because while I was going through my divorce I often felt conflicted and sad. When I first got married I thought that I would be in love forever. But as the old saying says, Nothing last forever. There is a verse that's is written in the Bible, where it clearly says that the only thing that last forever is God. Its really sad when you think that you finally met perfect someone to share your love or your life with and then in a blink of an eye its over. I often wonder what went wrong and why did it have to end. Going through a painful divorce can have you afraid to love again. So when my friend came too me for help with her own problems I felt compelled to help. She loved her husband very much and was hurt when he came home that night, just too tell her that he didn't love or want her anymore. She cried out to me and said, "Charles I thought that my marriage would last forever! I have been a good wife, a wonderful mother, I attend church regularly and I have done everything God asked me to. I prayed at night and asked God to help me. Why is it that God is turning his back on me and my marriage? Why did my husband do this to me, hurt me and leave me all alone? Please tell me why?
As tears flowed down her eyes, my heart went out to her, because I understood how she felt and seeing her cry I understood her pain. Its sad too say, but some people only get married for convenience or just for the ideal of being married. But what most don't know or care to realize is that they are hurting people. There are people out there that don't care who they hurt and only care about their own feelings or needs.
 After talking to my friend about what happened in her marriage, she told me to my surprise that she wasn't disturb by the fact that he didn't want her or love her anymore. She was more hurt because he lead her to believe that he was ready to settle down and to be married. She said Charles why did he lie to me , then deceive me and have me thinking that I have found my soul mate? She went on to say, you are a man so tell me why do men lie and play game with peoples heart? Then I looked at her with a smile and asked her do you really believe that all men play those type of games? Then she said, "No I'm sorry, I know in my heart that God still creates good men, I am just hurt". Then I asked her did you pray and consult God before you got married? Then she looked at me and said well I thought when I prayed , then asked God to send me a husband that he was it. Then I smiled and said maybe you made the same mistake as I have. I too prayed and asked God for a wife, but what I didn't do was wait. When I met a woman that I thought had everything I wanted in a woman, I fell heads over hills for her and I loved her with my heart istead of with my head. What I didn't pay attention to was those warning signs and I forgot one fact that every God fearing man or God fearing woman should know. That when we pray, God is not the only one listening. Then she looked at me with puzzled eyes and said Charles what are you talking about? Then I said, Sometimes when we pray, the devil listens in so he can fool or deceive us. He knows that men or women are impatient and he also knows that God answer prayers. But what he does do is take advantage of our loneliness and sends us someone that he knows is not good for us. And in the process he tries to ruin Gods blessing. I went on to tell her that I don't know if God sent you this man to be your husband, but what I do know is if, you only waited until God gave you an answer then maybe you could have avoided all of these heartaches. So pray my friend and seek God for an answer. For only he knows the truth, the light and the way.
Have a blessed night,
1 Corinthians 14:25  And thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest; and so falling down on his face he will worship God, and report that God is in you of a truth.


  1. I almost feel in the Devil's trap. I prayed for a mate, one that would respect me, treat me in that special way, was a Christian, etc. He came along and I made a error in thanking God for him instead of asking God is he really the one. When I finally asked God that question, he showed me things immediately. So thankful. Lynette