Thursday, May 10, 2012


Now the week is almost over and its now Thursday another day that God has made. You are grateful because you have survived Wednesday and now its Thursday. On your way to work or to school you may say to yourself, that this has been one hard or very difficult week or maybe you have been blessed and things happen to be going well. Thursday is just  like the rest of the days of the week, because it doesn't matter what day or hour , things change or happen and you just have to adjust to them or take them as they come. What's special to me about this day called  Thursday,  is now you realize that everyday is really the same. People will always drive crazy, then there are others that will never appreciate or respect the things you do. Your boss or some people will sometime be mean, nasty, evil or say things that will or may surprise you or make you angry. Bills will have to be paid, children will eat you out of a house or home and your spouse will say or do something that always drives you crazy. There will always be bad news (Wow! The world is getting more and more insane, God our Father in Heaven please help us!), children will be children (smile),your spouse will never be perfect or understand where you are coming from or going through and something's might not go as you want them to or as you have planned. Long as you lean on God's good word , practice a little faith, pray often and have patience, you can survive or withstand anything that may come your way.

Yes, God is in Heaven watching over you and your family, that is why during my week, I try to pray daily even if its just for a short prayer or read a verses from my Bible. Why? Because I have began to realize that without God, nothing I do or accomplish  in a positive manner, is possible without him. I also realize that even when I pray for others such as my family members, friends from around the world or complete strangers, that it honors and pleases God. Love is Gods greatest gift and he displayed this by giving the perfect sacrifice, his only son Jesus. Who wouldn't want to serve a God such as this one? Besides that prayer changes things, peoples lives or circumstances and has the awesome  power to heal. If you happen to be reading this journal at this particular moment, then you are already blessed. Why? Because God has blessed you to make it to another Thursday and even though the week may have been hard or difficult , he has taken care of you or supplied for all of your needs. God our Father in Heaven will watch over the believer everyday or every hour of the week.Trust him, have faith, pray daily and all obstacles shall be removed or replaced with blessings and new things, on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and beyond .
Have a blessed and awesome Thursday,
Acts 20:32 "Now I commit you to God and to the word of his grace, which can build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.


  1. I love Thursday, Great Job!!!!!!

  2. Thank you my sister in Christ, may God continue to bless you and your family always.