Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You Never Miss Your Water

I found its very easy to think about my past  failures and hard to acknowledge or remember my success. As I have grown older I sometimes reflect or focusing  on the negative aspects of my life and forgetting about the positive parts. I think its only human to think about the bad and easy to forget the good. That is in a way human beings biggest down falls, is that we tend to remember or hold on to bad memories. What I have learned from both my mother and father is life can't be learned or judged in parts, but only as a whole. As my father would put it or say, "Son never read or hear half of the story be patient , then see it through". This brings me back to my past relationship memories which I can say, most of them bad and some of them good. But as life would have it most of the time I tend to think about the negative ones or talk about the bad ones. But now that I have matured I wonder to myself about the good ones or the good relationships. We all have had them ( a good man or a good woman)if we really admit it too ourselves, but for some strange reason it didn't work out. I know in my life I have had one or two women in my life that were truly good too me and good for me. But if I am honest with myself I must admit that the timing was all wrong. As I think back on those two relationships , I remember how those particular two people really fit me and seemed perfect for me. I  young , immature, stupid or as my mother would say , "Wet behind the ears". At the time I didn't realize how blessed I was to be in a company of a good woman. I think as men, when we think back on our past mistakes, we often try to make up for it when we get older or wiser. But as fate would have it when you try being good to a bad or unappreciative woman it will never work out. If you are reading this and happen to be a woman , you might ask me what made those two women so special or unique? Well what made those women unique from all the others  that I have dated (In my past as well as the present) were that they were the type of woman that not only looked out for you , but also had your best interest in mind and they really cared. In today's world that is a very rare commodity, because most men and women are selfish therefore they only thought about themselves. Those two women were very unselfish, caring, loving, kind , considerate and God fearing. Out of the two there is one I will never forget, because she was uniquely special. Just in case she happens to be reading my journal, I give a false name, so I can give you the real reason I still feel this way her to this very day.
From the very first day I met her I knew something was different about her . She was beautiful, well kept, dressed nice, smelled good, classy and  had a glow that it will be hard for me to explain, on paper, but I'll do my best to give her justice. She had the look that said I could take her home to my mother and seeing her gave me the thought that this woman could be my future wife.(If you are a man then you would understand where I am coming from) To the ladies that are reading this in every mans eyes there is a certain woman that fits him or makes him feel that she is the one for him. All men have certain images or looks in that they perceive are wife material. That is why I believe in my heart that God created for each man a woman and each woman is a mans rib or help mate. But other than the normal stuff that men look for when seeking a mate this woman had that special something I would never forget. What was this special thing or gift that she possessed ? Well she had the ability to look inside me or as my late grandmother would say, she could look into my soul. The reason why I felt this way about her, was because at the time I had a very strained relationship with my parents. Crystal and I were only dating for four months, but were getting real close. One day after work she asked me when was I going to visit my parents. I responded to her by saying never! They don't care if I live or die so why should I visit them? Then she looked at me with those beautiful eyes of hers and said," Because they are a part of you and besides that you are missing something I could never give you. I gave Crystal a very puzzled look and said, " What are you talking about Crystal? Then she explained that every man or every woman has a special link to their parents, even those that has foster parents. She went on to say by your blood you will always be linked to your parents and just because you have some unpleasant feelings for them you should never let that get in the way of being around your family. Even after hearing her explain to me why family was so important, I remain stubborn and refused to go. But Crystal refused to give up, she wrapped her arms and legs around me, then said I will not let you go until you let go of your anger and besides if you can't love your family, how is it possible to love me? As I think back on those moments, I realized that she was right. I gave in, then went and visited my parents. Thanks too her I have a relationship with my parents and I owe it all to her. Its just too bad that when she met me that I wasn't mature and not ready to settle down with a good woman. But as the old saying goes, You never miss your water until your well runs dry. Even to this day I have never met or even seen a woman that comes close to Crystal. To those who are blessed enough to read my true life story, if God has blessed you with the opportunity to be in the company of a good man or woman , hold on to them and never let go. Because if you let them go, you will never miss your water until your well runs dry.
May God bless you always,
Proverbs 31:10 A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.

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