Friday, August 12, 2011

Our Time

Life is real funny and has it ways of changing most of our lives either for the best or for the worse. But even though life present us with many changes there will always be hope . Because God our Father in Heaven is always there to bless us each and everyday. Everyday, most of us are either working, trying to raise our children and paying those monthly bills. Sometimes it gets hard because, it becomes a routine and life becomes boring. Some may ask themselves these question's," Why did God create us"? Why does he love us so much? Those questions can only be answered by God himself. Being that our time here on Earth is so limited and we will all make many mistakes. Its makes one wonder why God still puts up with us(Because of our lack of respect or faith in him). Most of us do not really realize, how powerful or Father in Heaven really is. If we use some common sense then we would realize that God has all power in his hands and that he is in control or still perform miracles' . From looking at the news you can see that God still has and effect on the world we live in. He has the power to make a rich man poor and in the very next day make a poor man rich. He has the power to change the weather despite the seasons, he makes what we say impossible , possible and create miracles' out of things we wouldn't think possible. That is why we all should heed Gods warnings, because he will not lead any of us blind or astray . Before we do or get into anything that may cost us time or our life, God will always warn you and I of the consequences. Like my father has always said for every action, there is an equal reaction. He would also say there is a consequence for every action, for the good and the bad. An example of this is; when you get married, have children or even get a job, there is a consequence for these actions, because that's where the real the work begins. Getting married, having children and even getting a job is the easy part, but keeping your husband or wife, raising your children properly and keeping, then advancing at your career is the hard part. Because with the happiness, of getting all these things, sorrow, trials, tribulations and challenges will follow. The devil will do anything to destroy the good in peoples lives. Like my father would say," This is where the strong survives, the weak fail, and this is where the cream rises to the top". Having survived all of these challenges', will tell who has the strength , the will and the faith of God to have a successful marriages that last a lifetime; Who has the wisdom and faith to raise children into productive and respectful men and women; Who has the courage, faith, trust, knowledge and love of God to have a successful career. If we all value our time, our precious time or moments on Earth, then we all would be wise to heed Gods words or warnings. For he will not lead any of his children blind and if we have trust in him, then have faith, our time on Earth will be well spent. If we all remain patient, and let God be the true head of our life, then anything we get into will become a success and all who do so will be blessed. All we have to do, is trust him, that no matter the problems we may face or what may trouble our heart, not too worry we may face, trails or tribulations. As a believer we must know that our Father in Heaven has it all under control. God has all power in his hand and his plan for us is perfect. Just pray that your time, our time here on Earth will be both a blessing and a success. Look for his advice, by praying, then reading the bible and going to church where you can be spiritually fed. Doing those things will help improve your life and give you a better understanding on what God expects from you . It doesn't matter what situation you may face because God can guide you . Just because you have failed many times and lost many battles in your life, does not mean its over. Because with God in your life you will win the war and turn your failures into a success. Why does God love us so much? We its because we all were created in his image and we were meant to rule over all his creations. He values successful marriages and hates divorced. He loves patient and humble parents that raise productive citizens and he enjoys our successes ,because it gives him glory, as we have been blessed. If we value our time , then we need to live it wisely, by first confiding in God and remain faithful to his words. Then our time here will both a blessing to us, but will also lift a curse off our children for future generations' to come.
Have a blessed day,

Proverbs 4:22 for they are life to those who find them and health to one's whole body.

Proverbs 9:6 Leave your simple ways and you will live; walk in the way of insight."

Proverbs 12:2 Good people obtain favor from the LORD, but he condemns those who devise wicked schemes

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