Monday, August 1, 2011

Wolves In Sheep Clothing

Have you ever been in a relationship that it doesn't  matter how hard you tried or what you did  it just didn't work out? Are you just tired of all the arguing , fussing and complaining? Doesn't it , just break your heart when you put so much time or effort in the relationship or marriage and it seems destine to fail? What I have found out from dating or even in marriage that some people, really don't appreciate a good thing or a good person. There are just some people in the word that are just happy with people that are no good or evil. As sad as this may sound, some men or woman will never be good for anyone because they are selfish and evil.
 As I write this journal it brings back some painful memories, heartache's of my past and failures that I didn't want to relive again. But as my Pastor once preached in church one Sunday , "In order to heal , you must in turn heal others". I figured though my pain, I can save others from the same misfortune's or mistakes of my past. Experiencing both bad and the good has taught me a lot about myself . It has also showed me through those bad times when a person is not good for me and what to avoid, if I  happen to meet that same type of person in the future. It brings back memories of the  talks I had with both my mother and father. When they would used to say, "Son, just because she looks good does not mean she is good for you". They would go on to say get to know her before you get involved with any woman  and learn about their family. Find out if she has   the same values or beliefs as you do. See if she has the same goals or see if  she loves children or  family . Then  make sure above anything else that she has God in her life. Because a person with out our Lord in Savior in their life is lost and confused.  They can then, will only cause you problems and can be no good for you. They would also say, just because a person seems religious or acts religious does not mean they are religious. My mom used to always make me laugh when she would say some of the women or men in the church are worse than the men or women in the streets so be careful. She would go on to say baby , some men or women in the world  are like wolves in sheep clothing. They might appear too be good people, but in the end you will find they are pure evil.  Boy was she right! Through out  my many experiences I have seen or been involved with  women ,who seemed to be good women or women of God and then they  turn out to be worse than the women of the world.
 My mother or father would finish their teaching and preparing me for the future with these statements that I'll never forget. They would say, "Learn a persons heart, because its will reveal who they really are. "Or they would say , Its  not what's on the outside that makes them real men or women its what they possess on the inside that counts" . My mother would say," Find someone who's beauty shines on the  inside as well on outside .Find yourself someone who you can love in peace and free of drama or stress. Then when you do  son, you then  have found yourself a God fearing woman and that good thing that the Bible talks about. When you find this woman you will find that she is not only a good person , but also good for you. But if you decide to go the other route and date or marry someone just because of  looks, money, lust or fame. Then you will find not only are they no good for you, but also that you both will end up being no good for each other. So take my advice take time to learn about the person you are thinking about getting involved with and look before you leap. Do yourself a  favor save yourself from all the, heartaches, pain or aggravation. Pray then ask God for help, before you make serious mistake. Remember we did not raise no fools and God does not lead his people blind. So trust him with all of your major decisions.
 If you are blessed enough to be reading this journal  heed  both my mothers and fathers advice. Because it will save you from being hurt and also keep you from being disappointed. Sometimes, we run back to a place,or to  someone that we know we should have turn our backs on. When God delivers us out of bondage, frees us from pain, stress or a place where we didn't prosper or wasn't happy, and gives us a new place, a new  direction  or a new person to love. We should embrace it and never look back. Looking back or going back to something or someone that we know is bad for us, is  unhealthy  to be around or unworthy of our time , can cause our own destruction. Honor God by moving on with your life and embracing something new, because the real blessing is being free. After all you prayed and asked to be free. God has kept his promise too you and so should you .
Good night and be blessed in Jesus name,

P.S. Of the many studies done around the world stress happens to be the worlds most lethal killer. That's right more lethal than AIDS, cancer, drugs and even murder. So please do yourself a favor rid yourself of any drama , stress or pain. People that play games or play with your emotions shouldn't have any place in your life. Life without peace, is a life not worth living at all.
 Corinthians 2:14 But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised.


  1. all true thank you Charles, your words blesses my soul all the time may god keep and guide you and your family, i know one day you will get your heart desire, thank you again.

  2. Charles, I defintely can relate to this message, been there done that. One thing is that it did not stop me from holding on to God's unchanging hand. As a matter a fact it drew me closer and closer. I owe every thing to my heavenly father, for his guidance, healing, just for doing a new thing in me. My ending note, you never miss a good thing until it's gone, but than it be too late.