Friday, August 5, 2011


If you lived long enough you and have been involved in a relationship or marriage there is a good chance you  have been hurt, lied too, deceived, cheated on, disappointed, abandon, abused and have had your heart broken. What most of us do after we have been hurt , is  put up walls , because we are afraid of being hurt. Most of us understand that living in this world by ourselves, is a very lonely thing to do. But out of the fear of starting over with someone new , we tend to put ourselves in our own trap by thinking its okay to be alone. Even some of us very strong Christian's realize that having God in our lives is just a part of living and he never intended on us being alone. That's why when he created Adam, very soon after that he created Eve. In other scriptures he also says that he will never leave us, which one can take from that is that he always intended on his creations having a loving relationship with him and others. But, what most of us do after a bad relationship or divorce, we put up walls. Most of us walk around with our hearts in a box, afraid to let anyone in , because of the fear of being hurt. Then some of us fall for the gossip and believe the rumors, then believe statements like; All men are alike and there are no good men; All the good men or either married or in jail; Most women are gold diggers; All a woman really wants is a man with money or a man that drives a nice car; Women are looking for the next meal ticket and can not be trusted; Women really do not want a good man and if they had one the would not know what to do with one; All men are dogs and most men only want sex. These are just some of the rumors that are out there that keep people from moving on with their lives after being hurt. There is so much negativity out there it can scare even the strongest person. It seems like everyone out there has forgotten one main fact, that God says everything and everyone he has created is good. God did not stop creating good people or good things and he certainly did not stop with you. Why would I make this statement? Well most people feel the only good people left is themselves. To me that sounds so funny and it is not very  smart. Its that attitude that keeps people from finding their soul mate or keep them from being blessed.  As soon as they realize that fact then they can move on, then find Misses Right or Mister Right.
If you are able to tear down the walls that divide you and your potential spouse, then you will be able to love again. But before trying to start a new relationship everyone needs to deal with their issues of their past. Ask God to remove those fears and to ask him for the strength to believe his word that for every man there is a good woman. If you put God at the head of your life then you will realize that he will provide for you and will not lead you wrong. He will give you what you seek a good man or woman that you can love, trust and someone that will never leave you. But before you can do that you have to ask God to remove or tear down those walls of fear, hurt, pain, tears and mistrust. Sometimes when we pray, God answers it, then bless us with something good  or someone wonderful. But as humans we even question, if its good for us or if that blessing or good thing comes from God. The question God has for you is, Do you have faith in him or do you believe that  he answer prayers or keeps his promises? Even though you may feel unworthy of your blessings, God never stopped loving you and he still answers prayers. Life can be hard sometimes because we, allow ourselves to become stuck in situations that may last years or even a lifetime. These situations can be working at a job that's stressful, with no opportunity to advance or being in a very bad relationship that has no future or blessing from God. In these cases most turn to family or friends. But the only true way to be free of yourself from  burdens or problems is by letting go and allowing God enter in your life. Free yourself and your life by trusting God ,who has power to heal, then start your life all over again. Trust God with your future and break yourself out of your self imposed prison. Open up your box and free your heart, then yourself to love and trust again. Even though nothing is too hard for our Father in Heaven, remember this. God will not bless a person with a close mind or someone with a heart that refuses to love or forgive. So  please tear down your Walls! Because God our Father in Heaven has a bright future for you to enjoy!
Have a blessed Wednesday,
Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.

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