Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Under God's Care

Everyone knows that we live in a very stressful world. We live in a world where there is a lot of crime, unemployment, high divorce rates and homeless people are on just about every corner. Planes are crashing, nations are at war, criminals are preying on our children and corrupt politicians or police officers are everywhere. Husbands are killing their wives and parents leave their children or pets unattended in hot automobiles. Even the strongest Christian's or some of the most powerful people in very high positions can be brought to tears because when these things occur even they are helpless to stop it. It comes a time in every-ones life when you just need someone to talk too and someone just to care. You just want someone to listen to your problems and understand what you are going through. But when you try to go to reach out to your family or your friends, they just simply turn their back on you,because they happen to have problems of their own. You feel heart broken, because your spouse or mate does not understand or  because they don't seem to care. Then you find yourself alone, without someone to talk to or without someone who cares. You are lonely, confused, stressed and face full of tears. Then something comes to your mind and makes you reach out to the only one you know , that without a doubt can help you. Then you may get the urge to say, Lord please help me Mighty Father, Jesus please save me! I have no where else to turn and I need you! I need to be under your care, will you please protect me, provide for me and take away my pain?

 My mother had and old saying, "you are only as good as the company you keep". She would also say if you surround yourself with positive,successful and God fearing people, then you may end up being successful. But if you surround yourself with evil negative, complaining and unsuccessful people chances are you will fail or will end up being the same. My mother used to always say stay away from negative people, because they will corrupt your heart or mind and influence your decisions. My father used to always say, birds of a feather always flock together. What, he meant by this statement is if you hang with people who commit crimes,people who do the wrong things and negative people who only think that way, then there is a good chance that you may end up just like them. Have you ever wondered why couples look alike and act alike after time? The real reason for that is if you are with someone, for a length of time, you will in time pick up some of their good or bad habits. After time you like what they like and you dislike what they dislike. This can have both a positive or negative effect on your life. That's why I am advising anyone who is blessed to read this to only commit or follow those who are positive, God fearing men or women of God.

Staying away from people that are negative is easier said than done. Because if those negative people happen to be family members or spouse, you seem almost obligated to see them. For those people you must pray and ask God to give you patience when you visit them. But for others like negative friends or co-workers those are the people that you do have control. You must stay way from them , because if not their negativity will rub off on you.But, if that fails you could always look up to the heavens, because being in Gods care is the best care a person can be in. Being in Gods care will have a positive influence on your life and God is never negative.When the world says you can't, God always says you can and when you need some help, advice or someone to care God is always there to support you. Remember this through God all things are possible and God is good all the time. When you need someone to care for you in your time of need, try being in Gods care. Because Gods care, wisdom and love is perfect. He will never leave you and he will always be there to listen in your time of need. No matter what has happen in the world today, its always better to be Under Gods' Care.
Have a blessed night,
Philippians 4:8
Whatever things are true, lovable, well spoken of,whatever virtue there is and whatever praiseworthy thing there is,continue considering these things.

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