Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life Is Only A Test

If you live long enough you will find that some problems that you may come across seem impossible to handle or solves.When the bills pile up or when we are buried in debt, our spouses are being unfaithful or our children are being ungrateful or rebellious those problems within themselves can make life seem unbearable.When going through this, all that most of us can do is throw our hands up in the air and then cry. Just dealing with the everyday daily stresses, that may come our way from the outside world and it can be equally difficult, when most of the problems we face are at home. This reminds me of  an old saying my late grandmother would say."If there is stress , pain or confusion at your home then in reality its not a home". She would go on to say ,"Baby, your home should always be peaceful, a place where you can escape the troubles of the outside world.Or like my father would say , Son your home should be your castle, a place of peace, relaxation or tranquility. The easy thing to do is to  give up or let our minds be corrupted (by the devil or the outside world) in to doing something we may may regret or instead some could be presuaded into doing something so unspeakable that it  would only guarantee your ticket too hell or jail.

The only way a person can be successful while going through hard times, is not to think so much and then pray. The reason why a person should never try to think their way out of problem or  trouble is because that is when the devil can corrupt the mind and the soul. He wants you to think about your troubles, because he knows the more you think the easier it will be for you to make a mistake. Its been said when people are suffering, that is when they become desperate or prone to  make mistakes. These mistakes can cause a person to be in worse shape than when they started.When in doubt one must always put all their troubles, pain and suffering in the hands of the Lord. Thats why I am advising anyone that is blessed enough to read to read this blog to resist the devil! Don't give up, because your life is not over and its only a test. God our Father in Heaven wants you to believe in him again and wants to restore your faith.What you are going through is only a storm,you are not alone, it will soon past.Why you may ask?Because there is only thing that last forever and that is God. Good things are on the horizon and blessings shall pour down from Heaven above. God loves you, he  really understands what you are going through and he has not forgotten about you. No matter what, do not harm the people who have wronged you and understand this revenge is not an option. Neither is killing yourself or others because it isn't something that pleases God. Also don't try to drown your sorrows by taking drugs or drinking alcohol, because doing so will only bring more pain, sorrow or destruction into your life.

 Even if you feel unworthy of being in  presence of God, get on your knees then pray.Tell him about your troubles, submit yourself only to him, believe that he is able and then leave it in his hands. Yes, you may be hurting now, maybe in need money to survive, you may feel stressed out or lost and at times life may be hard. But its not over, stop worrying because and its only a test. If you believe in him , then know this that God  isn't a God that lies. To those who are having problems or troubles in their lives and that are in need of a special prayer. I offer you this prayer;" Lord, I humble myself before you.  My life is not pleasing to me, therefore I know that it displeases you. Please forgive me for my sins and remove this curse that causes me harm. I submit and give myself to you O Lord. For I know in your hand I shall be made new. Mold me and change me. Make me into something or someone that you may be proud of. Although the changes you may make to my life may hurt at first, but I know in my heart that they are  necessary, in order to please you and too receive my blessings. I trust you, I believe that only you can change my life for a lifetime. Thank you in advance in Jesus name. Amen!"
May God bless and keep you safe from harm,

Acts 14:17 Yet he has not left himself without testimony: He has shown kindness by giving you rain from heaven and crops in their seasons; he provides you with plenty of food and fills your hearts with joy."

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