Saturday, July 2, 2011

Its Not About You Its About Jesus

When people look at the world they see different things. Some see race, color, height or weight , while  others see money, power, opportunity, pleasure or pain. A lot of things most people look at they tend to values it by the way it looks, the way it feels and some by the way it may seem. When man or woman looks at the world most of their decisions are based off of what they see or hear . Even though my mother used to always tell me, " To believe only half of what I see and nothing that I hear ". It took me sometimes to really understand what my mother meant by this last statement. My father broke it down to me even more since I was one of those people that believe just because I heard , read or saw something , it was indeed fact. He would say son, just because something looks good or even seems good doesn't make it good. He would say research it more and learn for yourself if it is  indeed fact. To those that I  kind of lost  with this last statement, let me explain. Sometimes we often judge things based off of what we hear or what we see. We can think a man or woman is a good person, because of their appearance or because of their positions, when in fact its just the complete opposite. That is why God says's in his word to never trust man and only put our faith in him. What I have found that both man or woman fall in love with people, just because of who the appear to be.To those people you could be missing your blessings. Because its not what they have or even what they look like that makes them a good person. There are even those who fall in love with themselves and feel that what they are or who the have become is only because of themselves.These people let their own looks determine who they are, without realizing that God gave them the beauty and God can take it away. It makes one wonder, what does God see when he looks at man? Is he happy or pleased? Is he happy with men or women of God putting themselves before God? To those who may be stunned by these last questions, I challenge you to open your mind and think a little, while I ask you these questions. Have you ever driven your car and seen the billboards with Pastors, Priest faces on them advertising their church? Even those who are not in the positions of priesthood, have their faces plastered all over billboards advertising themselves , like it was them that got them where they are today. Doesn't it make you wonder why so many fail or have fallen? Well ,just maybe they have failed  because they have forgotten about God. Yes even those who preach the word, put themselves before the word and to those who do God is not pleased. That is why people of God, Gods children, should study the word for themselves and not fall in love with man. God word is his word and those who profit from it should use their profits to help Gods people. Even to some of us who fall in love with ourselves, should realize that without God we are nothing. Nothing we do cannot be done without God breath that sustains us. Its a blessing just to be living and our Father in Heaven deserves the praise. Our time on Earth in not for ourselves, even though God wants us to enjoy life while we live it. It about him and those who acknowledge that very important  fact will be with God and his son Jesus in Heaven. If you happen to be blessed enough to read this, I leave you with this very important fact, while you are living your life. Its not about you, its about God. Give him the glory for your success. Give him the praise for your material  possessions.Shout glory to Jesus every time you  have been blessed! Even when times are hard always give our Father in Heaven both the glory and the  praise. Because without him we are nothing and its not about us, its about God and his son  Jesus.
Have a blessed weekend,
2 Chronicles 9:6 However, I believed not their words, until I came, and my eyes had seen it: and, behold, the one half of the greatness of your wisdom was not told me: for you exceed the fame that I heard.

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