Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Soul Mates

 Have you ever wondered is there a thing called  true love ? Have you ever asked yourself this particular question, "Is there a man or woman out in the world that's made especially for me"? From the beginning of time when God created both man and woman( He started with Adam and Eve). Both men or women have always sought out their equal or their soul mates. Its have been said or written that for every man that God created, there is a woman created especially for him.( Jeremiah 31:22 How long will you go here and there, O faithless daughter? For the LORD has created a new thing in the earth-- A woman will encompass a man.") If you happen to believe this to be true the question many may ask is who and if so where are they? My late grandmother had a saying that I'll never forget," Sometimes what we look for, happens too be right in our mist". What this means to me is its very possible that the man or woman God has for you, has already been revealed too you.

If you ever happen too be in prayer and have asked God for something sincerely, he will in fact give you what your heart desires. Sometimes we over look a person because they might not have the looks or the possessions what we ask for. Men or women for thousands of years have always looked at a persons outer appearance when choosing or seeking a mate. Some men or women have been known only to date or marry someone only if they  posses wealth, a lot of material things or if they are of the same race. Some people my be fooled by thinking that if a man or woman posses wealth, then they are in fact good people. History or current events proves this to be a myth, because if one were to observe the facts, then they would realize that even rich people have a hard time finding their true love or soul mates.

My late grandmother had a famous saying that I still remember today," Oh how the eyes shall fool you, then the mind shall persuade you and then lead you astray". Which means too me , that our Soul Mates or future spouse could have already been revealed or that they are already within our mist. These people could have been that man or woman that we already seen at a local grocery store, at church or even over the internet. To those who may question this fact, I offer you this as proof. Sometimes when we see certain people there is an instant attraction and then our minds go to wondering if that person could be the one that we are looking for. But do to lack of time or a little of doubt, that keeps many of us from pursuing our mates.
Sometimes, our eyes reveal too us what our minds refuses to accept, too believe or receive. Which means sometimes we let our eyes or mind talk us out of our blessing. What's different with God is that he looks beyond the flesh and looks with in our hearts. What God knows is always best and like my late grandmother would say, "Its not what we want for ourselves its what God wants for us". Why do men and women pass up good men or women or their blessings? The easy answer to this question is because most of us become impatient or some people get desperate and then make bad choices. That is why there are so many divorces and its also why there are so many single people. Because people pass up the good men or women and date or marry the bad ones. Is there a soul mate or spouse out there for every man or woman ? Yes, there is someone for everyone. Always remember this, "God never stop creating good things or good people". With prayer and a little of faith God will give those who believe, their equal and  their desires of their hearts or their Soul Mates.
May God bless you all and Happy Valentines Day!
Ephesians 2:8 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God--


  1. I agree with every word that I have read, as I was reading I realized that I really thought I found my soul mate that's one reason why I decided too get married, the first 1-6 years was great but as the years went by I noticed my marriage was getting rocky but I decided to fight for my marriage, I had the Lord and my children to help me through the difficult times that lied ahead, but guess what? Im still going through the same problems but worse and I can not continue to fight. I will continue to walk in Faith, Pray daily, and attend Church, and I know the Lord will Bless me with my perfect soul mate.

    God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great Job!
    Another eye opener

  2. Awesome words so rightly put together I will for sure pass this on to friends
    Great job!!!! Godly man

  3. I enjoyed reading this post, I agree with you 100%. As a Woman of God, I have learned sometimes when we choose for ourselves we leave the door open for things we expect not to happen. God has created someone for everyone, but what it take to reach the peak of life to live it fully with your soulmate is patience. You every heard that old saying everything that looks good to you may not be good for you. This is so true, and this is how we have to look at things especially when it comes to entering into a relationship. The most powerful tool we can have of understanding this is prayer, faith, and trusting God at His word. We all go through trials and tribulations in life, but that does not mean God is not in the mist of our situation. I look at it this way, we make mistakes, God rescues us all from our mess and delivers us from them all, than He embraces us with His grace and mercy for a new beginning in life. We have to trust God for our soulmate, only God knows who is the right person for our lives. I know He will not just chose anyone, because is always so careful in whatever He does. God has a plan and His plan will never turn void. We all can be winners in this thing called love, if we allow God to choose and trust Him at His decision.

    1. i agree with every word that u have said and that is the reason why i always pray asking God to provide a husband for me one who love [him]God more than me ,so if or when i am going the wrong way he will say to me remember who u are in God and to help me make the wright choices in our lives, for .some time we allow the one in our lives to drive us away from God, so as you say desperation take over `the lord spoke me before i got marry he told not to marry this man i disobey and from that day my life was never the same again, so i promise God i will listen to his voice and be obedient . so if i ask God for something and i see it what should i do ? you please tell me for may be i am wrong this is not the one god want for me. am i wrong to believe so? so many times in my life i have to go in prayer asking God for forgiveness i want be obedient to him, from a very tender age i am praying the same prayer God always answer my prayer,so if i am wrong well i don't know God and i do know him. the very first time i saw this person i say to my self this is the one he love god even more than me but may be i am wrong again may god never did speak.