Saturday, August 24, 2013


There are a few things in every ones life that either needs to be straighten out or fixed. My mother used to call those things priorities. I laugh when I think back on the way I use to be, because  now I realize without my father or mothers wisdom, my life would be in very bad shape. When I was younger I had a serious problem, I enjoyed shopping and I loved the ladies. I enjoyed it so much that I forgot that I also had to pay my bills. But at that time without the proper clothes or shoes, you were not in style, (that was what I thought at that time). I was one of those people who had to have the latest clothes, shoes, televisions and my car had to be one that had every-ones attention. When my mother would come over to my apartment, she would look at it and say," Charles your apartment is very nice, but your priorities are all screwed up". She would say , Son you really need to save some of that money and for God sack please pay your bills!! As a younger person, I used to give my mother this puzzled look and think to myself," Mom does not know what she is talking about ". I really thought I had it all together. I was making good money, had a nice car, a laid out apartment, wore the latest clothes and I thought that all the girls loved me. I thought I was on top of the world and I also thought that it was all about me. It wasn't until my father pulled me to the side and said these very words that made me start realizing that I really needed change my priorities. He would say, "Son you do not have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of". You think you have it made, when in fact all you have nothing. Your life has no direction or no purpose, until you realize that the things you possess are only temporary, then your priorities will always be screwed up. He would finish by saying you need to grow up and smell the coffee!Wake up you are not a child anymore, you are a grown man!
 As a young man I thought that my father was a very mean man and those words really  hurt my feelings. I think he knew that when he looked in my face. Then he said these words that I'll never forget, Son everyone in life has priorities. Everyone first priority should be having God as the head of their life. Son I didn't always take God seriously. I would always hear people talking about him and I knew he existed. But at that time I didn't think God played a major part in my life, really because I didn't know him.  When I used to hear people talk about God  I always avoided them. But not very long ago I was a young man like yourself, I thought I was on top of the world. I thought that I did not need anyone and I also thought that it was all about me. Then out of the blue I got laid off and I couldn't find a job. I got behind on my bills and then started to lose all the things I treasured. I lost my car, my apartment and even my girlfriend.You see without money there are very few women that will stick with you through thick or thin. I had nothing , so I  thought that no one cared and I was on my own. I was about to give up then throw in the towel, until an old woman who saw me said these very words , "Give your life to Jesus son and your life will never be the same". That day I went to church and became saved. I gave my life to Jesus and latter married your mother. Now we have a house that's paid for, raised six beautiful children and  have a beautiful life together that has been blessed by God. Son make God your priority and God will make your pathways straight. If you have God our Father in Heaven as the head of your life and recognize Jesus Christ, Gods son as your Lord and savior then  all of your priorities will be the right ones. Because every decision you make will be guided by him.So get your house in order and make sure God our Father in Heaven is your main priority.
Have a blessed day,
2 Corinthians 10:2 I beseech you not to compel me when present to make a bold display of the confidence with which I reckon I shall show my 'courage' against some who reckon that we are guided by worldly principles.

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  1. Priorities and "getting your life in order" is definitely what every person should be doing daily. Each day God gives us another day to get our lives in order we should take heed. He gives us chance after chance to get our lives in order and many people just live for the moment. Adults need to wake up and stop taking life and people for granted. We never know when our day on earth will end and if you are caught with your life not in order it will be a truly sad day. This is a great topic.