Monday, September 2, 2013

Reach Higher

I don't know if you ever experienced when the spirit hits you, but when it does an unexplainable feeling over comes you. At that moment, you find yourself wanting to shout or scream for joy, because the Holy Spirit has taken over you. I know for those who haven't yet, been blessed with this feeling, are wondering how this feels. No it not like having your first child, not like getting a raise, not like falling in love and  its not like winning a large sum of money.This particular feeling is unlike any feeling in the world and unless the spirit of the Lord takes over you then you wouldn't understand this feeling. When you observe some people in Church running or shouting glory from the top of their lungs, then you know that the Holy Spirit has taken over them. I have experienced this feeling for the very first time years ago, while listening to a gospel song. The music was wonderful and the message in the song at that moment touched my soul.
 After I experienced that feeling I have found that the Lord our God communicates with each of us in his own way. Sometimes he does it through music, while other times through a sermon or message delivered by a Pastor, Priest or Minister.Then there are those other times when he uses other people such as our parents, friends, co-workers or a complete stranger to get his message across. God our Father in Heaven is like that and has always walked in ways we will never understand, but his way will always be effective. Today the spirit revisited me with a message from God encouraging you and I, to Reach Higher! I feel the reason this message was given to me is because for as I can remember, I always had a love for money and success. If I didn't make enough money or if I didn't meet my own standards I was always unhappy. During those times I found myself praying to God for money, material things and even for more success. Just like everyone else I desired a nice car or house and plenty of money . I really hated to struggle, so I was always on a mission to acquire more wealth or material things.
 Until one day the spirit hit me and asked me this powerful question, "Do you think  that Jesus Christ, Gods only son was concern with money,the finer things or luxury?" My immediate answer to this question was, no because what he has in Heaven was better than what was on Earth. Then the spirit said told me to Reach Higher. After the spirit left me I kind of felt ashamed. Why you may ask?Well because I set my goals to low. Instead of trying to go too Heaven, I was instead trying to acquire things here on Earth. Not realizing that I couldn't take those things with me to the after life and also that none of my money, savings or material things could get me into Heaven. My goals should have been higher and I limited myself by thinking worldly. I know for a fact we all do this by only thinking of our own success, while trying to acquire wealth or material things. In a sense there is nothing wrong with with that, but ask yourself this question shouldn't we all be seeking more, like joining Jesus in Heaven? He came to the Earth with nothing , then left it with power and glory. Isn't that a price worth paying for? And why can't we all be more like Jesus Gods, only son? Why can't we give to those less fortunate than ourselves when we have so much? Why acquire bigger homes, make more money than we need, while others suffer? Shouldn't our goals be higher? Shouldn't we all want to reach the higher goal of being with God? As you think about this message, I want you to continue to go after your dreams or desires and to go after those goals. But never forget that there is something more important than the goals you set for yourself everyday and can't be achieved with money or material things. Starting today reach higher, into Heaven as a child of God.
Have a blessed day,

Proverbs 28:20 A faithful person will be richly blessed, but one eager to get rich will not go unpunished.

Proverbs 28:19 Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies will have their fill of poverty.


  1. I have realized it takes some people longer than others to submit their lives to God. Sometimes it takes them loosing the material things in life, their families and everything good for them before their see they need God in their lives. Some people get caught up in their own world and forget where they may have come from. I didn't grow up with the finer things in life, still don't have those things and don't care if I never get them. I see so many wealthy people still miserable and a life full of sadness. Money, looks, status and material things can't buy love. I am happy with the person God made me to be.