Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Perfect Man or Woman?(Question Of The Week)

Since I gave my life to Christ and started to write spiritual writings, you would be amazed by the comments or messages I get through out the week. Most of them are very positive and many have written me, then thanked me for blessing them with Gods awesome words. But as you know, you can't please everybody and there will always be one or two that would say something negative or even question why I wrote the things in my journal. I could do the worldly thing, get upset and fight back with some angry words of my own, but instead I chose the righteous path, the path of God. A path laid out by God to always remain positive in an imperfect world and to always take a negative, then turn it into a positive.

This brings me to the question of the week and I owe this one to my Anonymous friend. You know who you are and this one is for you. The question is, Are there perfect men or women in the world today? And if so if one would happen to be blessed with one, would the marriage or relationship work? For the answer to this question I will go back to my childhood and remember a conversation I had once had with my mother. I remember my mother explaining to me that if a woman happen to meet a perfect man, then get into a relationship with him, that it wouldn't last. Now don't ask me why my mother and I got in this conversation, because I don't know. My mother, father, grandmother and many others have had many interesting conversations. Some related to me and others didn't. But for some reason my mind is like a sponge and it remembers almost everything. That's why I can't stop writing, God triggers me to write, when a strange subject comes up, I just write  and can't stop. (Smile)

Now back to my mothers and I conversation; I asked my mother why didn't she think a relationship would work with a perfect man or woman. She smile , then said," Its simple Chuck, men or women are flawed, sinners and make many mistakes". A perfect man or woman wouldn't be happy with an imperfect spouse. Why? Because they couldn't live up, to the perfect persons expectations. Men or women are born in sin and will always make mistakes, so imagine being in a relationship with someone that's perfect. After remembering that conversation with my mother it made me think about my Anonymous friend. Yes men or women would love to have a perfect man or woman, but why be involved with someone if you are not that way yourself? Allot of us want pre-programmed men or women, not wanting to take the time to grow with them. We want a man or woman that's already in church, with good jobs, good morals and perfect bodies. Wow, what world do you live in, because it certainly isn't the world I live in or know. There are no perfect men or women and there is no one perfect for you. If you want a good or an outstanding relationship or marriage, then you will have to grow with them and make it work. If many of you christian men or women took time out with the people you loved, then its very possible the man or woman will turn out to be what you hoped for. Grow with your man or woman. If they never been to church, then take them and introduce them to God. Yes it will be hard at first and many will resist you at first. No one said life would be easy or fair ,but with time, patience and faith in God, all things can be done or accomplished with Christ by your side.
Have a wonderful week,

John 8:7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted himself up, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
Romans 2:1 You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.


  1. I enjoyed the blog and I understand exactly what you are talking about. As a Woman of God, I strive everyday to live my life according to the will of God. I mistakes but that does not mean my life will end because of mistakes I make. Your question was "The Perfect Man or Woman", what is so funny is that no way is perfect. How do you know if you have the right man or woman that God say is your soulmate. Do you truly believe just because he or she is already serving the Lord they are perfect, don't make mistakes, would not go astray, just because they go to church. In all honesty, church people fall short. One statement you made make a lot of sense. Most women or men or waiting for someone that is preprogrammed, and think they have no flaws. Let's be realistic we all have our flaws, things we will tolerate, things we won't tolerate. We all have our morals and values when it comes to life in general, you should never judge a person by their character just because they may not be in church or serving God. Before we all served God we were sinners. So if you think that in order for a man to ge a good man, and live to do the right thing has to be already serving God, I think you should examine yourself and remeber the person you were before you became a christian. Have a bless evening.

  2. Deedy/Chsrles
    I agree with both of you, there is none perfect that was not my intention in my post. Everyone has the free will to choose who they want to be with at the same time they are choosing to deal with that person's issues, values and beliefs. I don't want to be unequally yoked with someone who does not have the same values as me. As I discussing this with my cousin, God can use you to witness to someone and they become saved and that person could turn out to be your spouse. Personally, I ended a relationship with someone becaushe he didn't view sex before marriage as being wrong, but I did, that really vexed my spirit (dealing with conviction)along with other issues. In any relationship, there will be problems, but the way you deal with your problems will determine the success of your relationship. I desire what God has for me, a marriage ordained by him on the foundation of his word which is what I have ot live by daily. My desires are not a judgment against anyone else, we all have to stand before God. Thanks Chuck for your writings, it has really been a eye opener and good discussion for me and my old fashioned friends. God Bless