Monday, July 23, 2012

Guide To A Healthy And Spiritual Life

When we get older its easy to forget the things that kept us, youthful, vibrate or alive. We forget to eat right, to exercise regularly and many of us loose our ambition or confidence. What I have discovered in my own life is that every since I left home, over time or the years I developed or picked up some very bad habits. Many of them that were not only unhealthy for me physically but also mentally. What I didn't realize until very recently that what effects a person physically and mentally also affects them spiritually. I also didn't realize that over time many of us store things inside our heads, hearts or minds that hinder or keep us from moving on with our lives. The difference between a child and an older person is not their age , but their ability to quickly forget the things in the present or the past, then move into the future. Younger people are more youthful and only see a new world to conquer. What happens around them only affect them temporary, because they feel invincible or that they have plenty of time on their hands. They know if they take care of their bodies, eat right, enjoy life, remain confident and are eager to learn then the best is yet to come. In most young people eyes the future is always bright and many of them are extremely ambitious.(Some of us older people would say because they know no better. smile)When people become older, they become set in their ways, become comfortable, stop exercising, loose their ambition, drive or will to live. Why? Because over time many adults have to endure many things, such as divorce, death in their family, lose of a job or material possession and some of them have health issues. The difference between someone that's old or young is that younger people recover faster, are more forgiving and get over things more quickly. They don't look at life the same way as some older folks and that is where some of us my age make our biggest mistakes. Our mistake as older people, is that we forget that we are still here and that God still has a purpose or plan for our lives. Just because we have grown older is no reason to stop living, in fact now its time to really start enjoy life to the fullest, with the blessing of God. That is why I am sharing with those who are willing to learn and improved their lifestyles ,way into the twilight of their lives. The Guide To A Healthy And Spiritual Life.

(1)Prayer. A daily dose of God is more important than a dose of daily vitamins and it will in fact improves ones life. A spiritual connection with God will help fix what's wrong and will also give a person valuable knowledge on how to improve ones life. My late grandmother would also say, "A person that thinks clearly and one that has a strong relationship with God is more likely to live better, make better life changing decisions'. As she would put it, "There is nothing a person can do or achieve without God". Once a person gives themselves totally to God then they will begin to realize that he will open doors that wasn't open or available to them before. God will not only heal a person physically, but also mentally and in the process give valuable knowledge to the believer. So pray everyday, without fail and watch your life improve right in front of your eyes.
(2) A daily glance into the mirror. Its always been my belief when it comes to criticism that we all should be our biggest critic. Its a known fact that besides God no one know us better than ourselves. No one knows our deepest secrets thoughts, insecurities or flaws than us and we are the only one besides God capable of turning our life around. My mother would always say, "When a man or woman gives up on themselves there is no one in the world that can help them". A question, that each of us should ask ourselves is, Are we truly happy with ourselves, mentally, physically and spiritually? I think if anyone would answer this question honestly then they would say no. Because no one is perfect and despite being great or good in one area all of us can get better or improve in others.
(3)Exercising and eating right. One of my biggest flaws is not eating right and the reason for that is very simple, I like to eat! Okay, I lied, I love to eat! When you get older there are just somethings that a person my age shouldn't eat or drink, but now I am exposing my other flaw, I am kind of stubborn when it comes to that. Even though I have done a great job maintaining my figure or health, there is always room for improvement, besides that its always good to eat healthy. Everyone should exercise at least three times a week and if people would look at themselves in the mirror then they probably should exercise five times a week. Its a known fact that if people took care of their bodies, that they would lead healthy lives and the people that do so are very productive people. Even the Bible supports a healthy lifestyle.( Corinthians 6:19 You know that your body is a sanctuary of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have received from God, don't you? You do not belong to yourselves,) In other words, "Yes its your body, but its also a gift from God". Take care of it because if you don't, you are in fact not pleasing God. My late grandmother would always say, God our Father in Heaven has blessed you with a good body and its our jobs to take care of it, after all you are only blessed with one. Love yourself more than you would love any material possession and if you do then you will have embraced a healthy lifestyle that's pleasing to God. These are three simple steps or Guide To A Healthy And Spiritual Life.
Have a blessed day,

Hebrews 10:22 Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water.

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  1. So so true, Charles. Thanks for the reminder and conviction too. (Smile) I know I'm not where I should be, but I'm better than I was years ago. Spirtually, physically and mentally I work on daily, but it's a struggle. Life presents so many different issues that it can get you off track, if you let it. Somwtimes I get stressed out when it comes to taking care of my father since he had a stroke. i have to make sure I keep a balance in my life or it would be too overwhelming for me. So quick getaways are a blessing to me. Exercise, I need to do more to lose some weight, but I'm just walking right now. Thanks for the reminder that we have responsibilities in the life we live for a healthy and spirtual lifestyle.